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Welcome to the Wonderful Borneo Nature

Known as the third largest island all over the world, Borneo has a lot of fascinating nature scenery and pit stop whenever you need short escape out of your everyday routine. Here, there are numerous attractive tourist destination such as Kinabalu National Park and the Wildlife offered by Sepilok and Sandakan, and also another wonderful Borneo nature you have to capture by your own eyes. Other than that, for challenging tours, you can have overnight tours to the most top tours, Mount Kinabalu. You can also enjoy the underwater world, here, by diving at Sipadan Island. You know, at the first time you arrive in Borneo, and breathe the fresh air, you will understand why Borneo is showering by love from everyone.

For the first-time visitor, it would be quite difficult while deciding which tourist spot you have to visit, in order, because wonderful Borneo nature has more than everything does you expect about. Moreover, when actually you do not have much time to wander around the island meaning you need to have a prepared plan, as well backup plan, to enjoy every beautiful corner provided by Borneo Island. So, here is a recommendation places you can visit, in order, which perhaps can help you a lot while preparing for the itinerary.

  • Day 1

Been arrived in Borneo Island, you can have half an hour driving to Sepilok to visit Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. The Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre tend to nurture any orphaned and injured Orang Utan, and by the time the Orang Utan capable to nurse themselves, they will returned back to the wild. You can also able to feed them through a platform and watch video documentary show for about 25 minutes. You can end the day by have a relaxing leisure time by the Kinabatangan River, also known as the longest river in Sabah. In this place, you can have more probability to see the real wildlife and birds in their own virgin habitat, the rainforest.

  • Day 2

Begin the day earlier, you can visit Gomantong Cave, well-known with numerous birds’ nests which edible as well. You can continue your journey by take 15 minutes boardwalk with SimudHitam cavern as destination. It is possible to explore and dig up more about the cave system through the boardwalk. As energy replacement, return back to Sandakan and enjoy delicious local food at any local restaurant, and then depart for a city tour to explore numerous fascinating landmarks placed in Sandakan. You need to make sure to visit Sim-Sim Water Village, so you can observe the attractive sea view closely nearby the water surface.

Basically, there is several wonderful Borneo nature foundation which let you to have memorable experience during the stay. It means, you can enroll to one of them, consider the term and requirement which meet with your preference, taste, time schedule, and all, by then, enjoy the short time in Borneo Island will never be that hard and difficult anymore. So, are you ready to begin the adventure?

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