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Website solution for non-techies

Guide to Owning a Website When You're Not Tech Savvy

Owning and running your own website can be a fairly stressful state of affairs, especially if you are not as accustomed to the in's and outs of technology as some other people are. To get over this roadblock and start making an awesome website that you are proud to call your own, let's go over some various solutions that even people who are not technologically minded can follow to achieve your website goals.

Website Builders

If you are completely lacking in any sort of mind for technology, but you want to build your own professional looking website, your best choice as a first step is to use a free DIY website builder. These are sites that make it easy to build and design your own website with just some clicks and drag and drops of your mouse.


WIX is a somewhat new and already very popular website builder. It allows you to choose from multiple page designs and layouts. It implements the use of mainly drag and drop creation. It is an open-minded website builder as it were, so you can add in almost any elements to your site as you wish to. It also includes some advanced settings for different components you choose to put onto your page so that can throw in some more style.

As far as I can tell, the only negative complaint users have about WIX is that once you choose a template, you cannot change it. Therefore, you should be extra careful which one you choose, so as to represent your business, brand, or ideas in the best light. However, they do have around 200 different templates to choose from, so it shouldn't be too hard to find the best fitting one for your site.


Weebly, while said to not be quite as varied in options for page designs as WIX, does allow you to change your template whenever you desire to without having to start from the beginning, which WIX does not allow. Also, Weebly has the option of creating your own website using their code editor. The use of code enables you to customize and personalize your website any way you can think of. I'll talk more about this next.

A negative about Weebly is that it only lets you drag and drop pieces of your site onto certain areas of the template, not leaving much room for personal taste in how you'd like your design to look. Weebly is very straightforward, and some might say kind of plain and restricting. Although, this simplicity does mean that your site will load a lot faster.

IM Creator:

IM is the oldest DIY website builder on this list, but it is here for a reason. Like WIX and Weebly, it is a simple, fast way to build a website. Maybe even better than WIX, they provide you with a great, unique set of professional looking templates to choose from, but they have about 100 fewer templates than WIX does. Same as WIX and Weebly though, IM Creator has a drag and drop interface that makes building a beautiful website so easy. There's no need to know how to code or have any sort of designing skills.

Now, it is worth noting, that while these three DIY website builders are free and highly convenient if you don't have a lot of free time to spend on building a website, or if you're simply just not a tech person, they do limit you to a certain extent. This is because of them being void of any sort of plug-ins. Plug-ins are great for things like an email subscription widget which allows visitors to your site to subscribe to any new posts you put up on your site. This brings with it a lot more traffic to your site and new subscribers. 

Free Website Creators with Free Domain Names

Unlike the above website builders, website creators are slightly more complicated to use. They also have what DIY website builders are lacking in, which are plug-ins, as I mentioned. One of these sites include which gives you a generic domain name for free, or you can upgrade for a set annual or monthly fee to a personalized domain name. I currently have my own free website through Word press’s hosting service that is a working progress. I do appreciate not having to pay for it, but I'll be the first to admit that WordPress does not have the most modern looking layout options to pick from.

WordPress is also somewhat confusing to navigate at times, causing you to spend a lot longer trying to find where to go to make a certain thing happen on your page. You can sign up for a free domain name and web hosting starting at $3.75 a month from WordPress. Another free website domain and website creator is the  web hosting service is endorsed by WordPress. You can get a free domain through Bluehost and hosting through them starting as low as $20.00 a month for the standard version.

Learn How to Code

If you are at a total loss for what coding even means, simply put, it is the language of the internet. Coding is responsible for every single layout of any website you have ever seen. Even with website builders and creators where you don't have to use code to tell the site what to make your page look like when you choose an option, the website builder is using code to do what you want it to. Coding takes away any restraints on what you can or cannot do to make your website look a certain way. With coding, you are in complete control of every single little detail on your site. Therefore, coding makes your website truly your own.

You'll have an individualized, completely unique to you. personalized web page that you have all the control over when it comes to changing anything. Learning to code may sound complicated, but in reality, it is so easy after you start learning, a monkey could do it. All code is, is a specific set of entered numbers, symbols, spaces, and such that change depending on what operation you're wanting to be executed. You can learn how to code for free with a variety of different software. One of these software's that offer free coding classes is  the programming platform They provide numerous classes on several different kinds of coding, including the main type that you need to know to build a website from scratch, HTML.

Hire Social Media Managers:

If you are just not interested in creating and running your own website but you need one, you don't have time, or you feel that doing anything involving technology is 100% out of the realm of possibility for you, you can always hire a social media manager to build and run a website for you. If you only want to deal with certain parts of the website creation process, you can also just hire a social media manager to deal with the certain aspects of your website for you.

Social Media Managers are tech-savvy, early adopters of the internet, who know exactly how to navigate and make use of the world-wide web, make a website look like gold, and take care of your online presence for you as you ask them to. There are multiple websites for hiring social media managers. LinkedIn, and  the freelance website are all sites where social media managers are looking to be hired.

With that, the best of luck to you on your website ventures!

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