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Ways to Immigrate to Canada as Quickly as you want

Nowadays, there are many individuals who wish to immigrate to abroad to look for better career opportunities, higher studies, and sometimes for a good living standard. When all such aspects come to the mind of an individual, then people usually like to prefer Canada because of the flexible immigration process of Canada. Although the immigration process to immigrate to Canada is flexible, but every individual wishes it to be done as quickly as possible. Nobody likes to hustle and bustle in their lives, so people wish to stay away from hustle and bustle while immigrating to Canada. So, this write-up explains some of the ways to immigrate to Canada as soon as you want. The immigration consultants for Canada may also assist you in immigrating to Canada.

Some of the way for immigrating to Canada fast:

Although the immigration process takes standard time for approval, but still there are some ways that may help you to get immigration done as quickly as you want. Following are some of the fast pathways for immigration to Canada:

  1. Work permit:

The work permit in Canada is one of the fastest ways to get entry to Canada which takes around 2 months to complete all the immigration process. To apply for immigration under work permit program, you need to have an employment offer letter that is LMIA approved from a Canadian Employer. LMIA might be an obstacle in getting the immigration done fastly. So, try to get LMIA approved employment offer as soon as you want to immigrate to Canada.

  1. Study permit:

A study permit is the fastest pathway to take entry to Canada that takes approximately 3 weeks of time to get all immigration process done. Although it only takes a time period of 3 weeks to get it done, but still getting immigration depends on the status and profile of the individual.

  1. Working holiday visa program:

If any candidate needs to work in Canada for a temporary time period of one to two years, then that person needs to apply for the visa under working holiday visa program which is also one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada in a short period of time, i.e. 8 weeks. To apply under this program, a candidate needs to be between the age group of 18 to 35 years. A candidate applying for working holiday visa program must belong to a country that has an agreement with IEC visa.

  1. Express entry under Federal Skilled Worker Category:

This program allows you to apply for a Permanent Residency visa in Canada within a time period of 6months. Once you get done with educational credential assessment and language certification, you need to register yourself in express entry system. You become eligible to apply for PR in Canada once your CRS score meets up with the cutoff score decided in Express Entry periodic draws.

So, above-mentioned are the some of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada. But every program has a different method of application of immigration. If you take help of the immigration consultants for Canada, it can become easy for you to understand all the methods and you can get the immigration done as quickly as you want. LCC Info Tech is one of the popular immigration consultants for convenient immigration that has a team of experienced professional consultants who always stay updated with the immigration rules of Canada.

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