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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Ownership

Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience, and there is no better animal to introduce into the family. Dogs are traditionally known as man’s best friend, and their inherent desire to please makes for an ideal companion, however, before deciding to add to the family, one must fully understand the responsibility that keeping a dog involves.

Breed Selection

This is a critical decision for both the dog and your family and getting it wrong can have serious consequences. You might, for example, like the idea of having a Siberian husky, which is a very intelligent breed and known to be a great family pet, yet the dog will require high maintenance and if this does not fit in with your schedule, or indeed environment, it will more than likely cause problems. Certain species require regular exercise, not to mention the regular care they must receive, so you really must factor all of this into your decision.

Dog Rescue

So many people buy adorable puppies and after a while, realise the high level of care it involves and ultimately decide not to keep the dog. There are dog rescue centres and you are welcome to browse, and in the event you meet the right animal, you can offer an unwanted dog a loving home. Dogs require affection, just as we do, so you need to be confident that you and your family are prepared to offer the dog a secure and loving environment.

Care and Treatment

Most people would opt for a puppy, which makes sense, as the dog is still young and will consider your family as his own. Training puppies is easy if you are clear in what you expect from the young dog, and there are many useful tutorials online that can help you to train your dog. There are expenses with raising a dog, and by taking out pet insurance, your dog will be covered for vaccinations and any vet bills that you might have to pay. A vet would be able to plan the vaccination process, and while you are there, you might as well have the animal microchipped, which is a legal requirement in many countries.

Grooming and Diet

Your dog should receive a balanced diet and there are many delicious tinned options, along with a dry biscuit supplement, and it is best to introduce chews at an early age, as these can be effectively used when training. Your dog should be regularly showered, preferably using a tick shampoo, and the frequency of this would depend on the type of coat and the climate.

Behaviour Training

Your new family member will need to know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, and this is something you should start from the very outset. While dogs might be in tune with our emotions, they do require clear instructions, and with the reward system, the dog will soon realise where the boundaries are.

If you and your family are aware of the care and attention that keeping a dog entails, the new family member will be the source of many years of faithful companionship, and will enjoy a comfortable life with a loving family.

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