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Types of Rope Sockets

Rope socket is a pair of matching fittings that cling to the ends of the wire lengths rope to make them joined together. It is the top of the downhole cable tool drill string. It is quite a simple and a highly dependable gadget.

There are different kinds of ropesocket. There is the rope socket which can be designed to attach the wireline to a toolstring. It has a strong sleeve feature that is made to get consistent performance.

If the rope socket and tool string are in the well due to some reasons and when you recover the wire, the pulling tool can be operated to maintain the peak dual fish neck.

Slickline rope socket


To give connection of the wireline to the toolstring

Benefits and Features

  • It has got a sleeve feature to make sure there is consistent performance
  • The Peak signature Dual Fish neck enables utilization of the standard pulling tools and also pulling tool range for recovery
  • It is suitable for all the wire sizes
  • There are 3rd party connections accessible to suit the needs of the customer
  • The design has a one piece slip and initiator clamp arrangement to make sure there is complete line pull.
  • There is use with braided line operations to facilitate connection of the wireline to the toolstring

Braided line rope socket

Benefits and Features

  • It has a peak heavy duty dual Fish Neck
  • There is one piece slip assembly which can be used with utmost ease
  • There is the assembly or disassembly tool facilitated to help break or make up the slip assembly
  • The Slick and Swivel Rope socket has been designed to lessen the length of a toolstring by removing the nee of an additional connection.
  • The life of alloy slicklines can be extended with a swivel which is present below the rope socket. The swivel helps in rotation of the tool.


It is for use with slickline operations

Benefits and Features

  • There are thrust bearings which increase the rotation which is under load
  • There is the inbuilt grease nipple which enables lubrication and helps in prevention of corrosion
  • It has a nice and a powerful design
  • It is used as a means of connecting the slickline to the toolstring.
  • The assembly has a body with external fishing neck, brass wedge and a sleeve.
  • If a great pull is applicable on the slicline, there pear drop pulls up the sleeve and provides it a tight grip
  • It has a very low maintenance design and the pear drop sockets are suitable for the size of the wire to be used.
  • The Rope Socket assembly comprises of a body with external fishing neck which is made to adjust the wire.
  • There are the Swivel rope socket assemblies which have been designed to link the braided wire line to the swab string. The part of the swivel enables the wireline to get twisted as it tends to be long when it gets loaded. The fishing neck grooves are there on the upper neck and lower half of the swivel rope sockets. Different sizes are accessible for the tubing sizes.
  • Some of the important aspects are that the wireline can be connected to the swab string. It enables the wireline to get twisted when it is under the load. It lessens the twisting of the swab string. It helps in reduction of the wear on the swab cups.

Now that you know the features and benefits of rope sockets, buying them should not be a big task at all. Shopping should be easy if you follow the above mentioned points.

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