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Travel the World Without Worry

Wave Crest’s digital solutions can be used by businesses around the world, as well as college students, for almost any expense. Some examples would be corporate travel fees or commissions. This prepaid business debit card will let you and your business organize commissions and incentives, as well as travel expenses. It’s convenient, flexible, and most of all, it’s secure. Here’s more about how these debit cards function.

How Do These Cards Work? 

In order for students to access these funds using these white label prepaid debit cards, they must select a sponsor – this can be a parent or guardian. They can then load the funds onto the card, from a personal account for example, from wherever they are.

Once that money is transferred, students can access it for whatever they need. This could be almost anything, like bills, or they can transfer that money off the card. An added bonus to using these debit cards is that students can have the option of receiving loyalty awards, just for using the card.

This Card Can Be Suited to Your Specialized Business

There are many different businesses and business needs. Those working in the maritime industry, such as contractors and agents, can receive funds that they can then use at stops around the globe. Other ways thisprepaid business debit cardandwhite label prepaid debit cards can be used is to possibly incentivize those who might take part in research for marketing purposes. It could be a great way to encourage participants in the field of research.

Take Something Off Students’ To-Do List

Checks are great, if you don’t need to use them all the time. If you’re a college student, you may be familiar with lengthy waits in line to receive or cash a check while on campus. If you use these white label prepaid debit cards, you can skip the line and avoid wasting extra time you don’t have anyway. These student prepaid debit cards can be used instead. Schools can load up credits and refunds onto these debit cards, which students can then utilize, whether they’re on campus or off, for whatever they might need. Upon enrolling in this debit card program, students will get the card with the school or universities named emblazoned on it. When necessary, the school can transfer those funds onto the card – funds that might come from things such as scholarships, grants, and even monetary aide for the student’s education.

What You Can Do With This Card

As stated above, through Wave Crest, customers like students and businesses can get the chance to transfer funds, such as digital currency, into common fund streams. This company can handle currency as diverse as Bitcoin, airline miles, foreign currency like euros, and even loyalty points. Those types of payments have been commonly difficult to access, especially when you need it the most. But even when it’s not needed right away, you want the freedom to reach those points whenever and wherever you want. They’re your points, right? So you might as well have the chance to take advantage of them with this prepaid business debit card.

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