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The Top Reasons to Make the E-Cigarette Switch

Fewer people smoke today than ever before, but there are still thousands on the fence about making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic options. Electronic cigarettes changed the lives of millions upon their introduction to the market in 2003. Today, you can choose from hundreds of e-liquid flavours, try multiple different sizes and styles of vaporizing pen, and you do not even need nicotine in the liquid to have fun.

It might surprise you to learn that people have built an entire subculture around this product. Across the UK, you can find “vape” competitions, where enthusiasts come together to show off the size and aesthetic appeal of the vapour clouds produced by their device. Winners receive cash prizes and more, and this is just one of the many appeals of the device.

For those looking to use them for a more practical purpose, electronic cigarettes offer tobacco smokers the chance to enjoy their habit in a safer, more relaxed way. For those currently working through one or two packs in a day, the transition might seem to be far too much work. However, e-liquids with high percentages of nicotine allow you to make the switch without once feeling deprived of the nicotine desired by your body. As you transition, slowly but surely wean yourself off nicotine by reducing the percentage in your liquid. Eventually, you may enjoy the simple act of vaping and use no nicotine at all.

Starter Kits

The best e-cigarette starter kit to buy for 2017 should have everything you need to enjoy a smooth transition from traditional to electronic cigarettes. These include one or two pens, e-liquids with the nicotine percentages of your choice, chargers, and more to ensure you get exactly what you need from the start. Their cost-effective nature should also help you make an investment designed to simplify the transition and make it possible for you to relax and focus on other worries.

Cancer Risk

Since the late 1970s, cigarettes were found to contain more than 7,000 chemicals, 71 of which were found to be carcinogenic. However, electronic cigarettes utilise only a handful of chemicals, each of which has been found to be harmless to the human body. Smokers do not experience cancer due to their nicotine intake. In fact, the nicotine is merely the ingredient included to get a person addicted. By moving from traditional tobacco products to electronic cigarettes, you can focus on breaking your nicotine habit without any of the added health risks, such as mouth, throat, or lung cancer.

No Smell

Cigarette smoke and ash collect in the air, seep into the skin, and soak into clothing after just one use. After moving on and choosing electronic cigarettes, you might begin to notice others feeling more comfortable around you. As you smoke more and more, you grow immune to the smell of tobacco, whereas others smell nothing but tobacco when they are in your presence. When you make the switch, you make life more enjoyable for yourself and anyone else in your immediate company. In addition, you never need to worry about ash or burns again, due to the fact that electronic cigarettes utilise vaporization and not combustion to produce vapour. From start to finish, you stand to gain a better life from the switch.

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