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A few things that Mango Guest needs to knowwhile packing

Packing for any outing is in itself an experience. Regardless of whether you invest days picking what you need, or toss it together twenty minutes before you're expected to leave for the airport. Always check that if there is nothing left from thebaggage collectiontransport line are in fact your own before leaving the airport. Connect a card containing your name, phone number and physical address of the concerned person. Place a vivid marker to better guarantee that your stuff isn't mixed up by another Guest as their own. Bolt your sack or utilize a link attach to seal it. You can carry your one small luggage with valuable belongings with you. Mango Airlines takes care of everything.

Excess baggage: your baggage limitations

Baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance will be charged at the present rate per kg every way. No single bit of baggage surpassing 32 kg will be acknowledged for carriage. Portable things is liable to the accompanying confinements: May not surpass 115 cm (56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm); May not surpass one sack at 7 kg. In addition to carry-on baggage, you may bear on board a purse and jacket. Guests with infants seated on their laps can carry a little pack for the in-flight needs of the baby, e.g., bolstering containers, nappies and medication. The accompanying things should not be included into the traveler’s carry-on baggage: toy firearms, cutlery, blades, scissors, syringes, knives, nail scissors or other sharp items that has all the earmarks of being or can be utilized as a weapon.

Weapon transportation: the weapons you can’t carry

Mango flights does not permit the transportation of guns, paintball firearms, compressed air firearms, crossbows working with a gas cylinder, or whatever that falls within this classification in the hold or cabin of the aircraft. Visitors may check in ordinary crossbows, however the bolts and bow should be isolated, and the string loose. You can carry your knife in the cargo. Mango can't be held at risk for the loss of Guest knives s or crossbows, and a Limited Liability Release Tag is signed before handing the items to the cargo department of the airline. It is advised not to carry the item along with you when flying with Fly Mango.

The new carry-on baggage regulations

When you are packing for your next trip with Mango Airlines, this are some of the things you should consider Carry-on Baggage Regulations which was effective from effective from 2 February 2015. These new regulations are set differently according to class: Economy class carry-on are restricted with only one bag with a weight of 7 kg and inside showed estimations (36 cm x 23 cm x 56 cm), together with either a satchel and additionally a laptop bag. Every lightweight thing must be checked in. Outside of compact things, all other stuff must be checked in. Despite these controls, Mango Guests can rest ensure that they are the fundamental minimal fare flight carrier in South Africa that allows 20 kg luggage per Guest without punishments on the amount of packs that make up the total weight.

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