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Are You Suffering From Vision Problems?

It may be that you have been short-sighted or farsighted for your entire life. Perhaps you have had to wear glasses or contact lenses for many years due to astigmatism. It’s definitely something that affects millions of people around the nation and can be the source of embarrassment. In some cases, it can even affect a child’s learning at school if his or her vision problem goes undiagnosed.

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery

The great news for any adult who has had to endure vision problems is that LASIK in San Antonio offers a fast and pain-free way of addressing these issues. It is important to seek an eye evaluation by a specialist first before deciding on having LASIK surgery because not everyone is eligible. More specifically, people with eye health problems or certain corneal issues may find that another type of eye surgery is better for them.

If one is eligible for LASIK, it offers many benefits, including:

  • Success Rates: It would only be fair to say that all surgery carries inherent risks and LASIK is no different in this regard. The good news is that LASIK surgery has also proven over a short period of time to be very successful in treating certain kinds of common vision problems. This is a big part of why it has become so popular in recent years and why it continues to gain popularity.
  • Speed: One of the best things about LASIK is that it takes hardly any time at all to be completed. Most people find that five minutes of reshaping per eye is all that is required.
  • Pain: Apart from some anxiety when in the operating chair, some discomfort, and a feeling of pushing on the eyeball when the laser is operating and reshaping the corneal flap, LASIK is relatively pain-free. This is great news for those people who fear the pain of surgery.
  • Results: One of most exciting things about having LASIK surgery done is that most people find that the results are either instant or occur the day after. There is no waiting around for healing and no waiting for results to happen.
  • Recovery: There are no stitches and no deep wounds to heal. This means that recovery from LASIK is very fast! Once again, this is great news for those who normally fear having any type of surgical procedure done.
  • Adjustments: Unlike some other procedures, the corneal flap can be reshaped at any time in the future. This means that any adjustments that need to be made can be done at any stage after the first procedure.

You May Never Need Corrective Aids Again!

After having LASIK surgery done, many people find that they no longer need to wear corrective aids such as contact lenses or glasses. This is good news for anyone who has had to endure vision problems for many years!

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