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Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Your Next Look

There are numerous medium length haircuts that you can choose. If you are searching for your next medium length hairstyles, I promise you that you will not miss it on this list. Irrespective of whether you are looking for the stylish colour for medium length haircuts or a new method to trim those ends, sit down, relax and scroll down.

10 Gorgeous Medium Length Haircuts You Should Try 2018

  1. Brown Balayage Wavy Lob

Profoundly enhanced chocolate background highlighted with some beautiful brown highlights for the soft finish that looks irrefutably attractive on a long bob streamlined with a light wave. The style seems youthful and trendy.

  1. Highlighted Layered Cut.

A dark background can be enhanced with a light makeover spiced with some dark blonde highlights, carefully paying attention to the details to ends to deep them into Ombre approach a bit. If you need to increase the bulkiness, you can add more layers.

  1. Brown Balayage Medium Bob

Making a bob slightly above your shoulder is no doubt it gives you a different look that is more adorable. However, what makes this hairstyle lively is spicing it with beautiful caramel strands which are added on brunette roots. It brings such a stunning look with a girly appeal!

  1. Copper Blonde Wavy Lob

This hairstyle will make you unique and stand out from the crowd because of its exceptional hair color with a fantastic texture of darker blonde and copper highlights shades which are very sexy when augmented with some slight curls.

  1. Caramel Blonde Shaggy Cut.

They say old is gold. This hairstyle brings out 70’s appeal by including many layers to get a shaggy ending. Adding caramel on your hair achieves some definition, bringing out those layers in a funny manner.

  1. Light Brown A-Line

Chics will find much inspiration from this hairstyle, with cool tones to match with their boots and sweaters as well. You can let it fall straight to bring out that edgy cut or include some wave if you don’t want it rigid.

  1. Subtle Blonde Ombre, Balayage

Why this hair is much loved by many women is because you can apply numerous different colors in an entirely natural manner. For example, from the top of your hair, you can work it to a lovely bright blonde to beautiful light brown downwards to its ends.

  1. Brunette Blunt Lob

We don't need to add layers on a thin hair to make it bouncy. A blunt cut can work perfectly well to create the illusion of a bulky hair.

  1. Blonde Subtle Graduated Lob

You can achieve that instantaneous bounce on your hair by just shortening your hair at the back a little bit and leaving longer pieces around your face.

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