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Step By Step Guide On How To Reach Dubai From Delhi

Travel from Delhi to Dubai: Step by Step

Dubai is the dream vacation for many people across the world. Superb skylines, camel riding, sand skiing, beach trips, and quad biking are just some of the great things to look forward to in Dubai. It is also one of the ideal places to visit for a shopping tour, courtesy of the Dubai Mall as well as local souks. Take in the remarkable sights atop Burj Khalifa and feast on the most delicious Arabic dishes. All this is just one flight away, so cheap flight booking from Delhi to Dubai is a definite priority for all. Some of the top experiences are just a short flight away.

The best flight offers and tickets are available online now and the biggest airlines ply from Delhi to Dubai on a weekly basis. In fact, there are over two hundred flights a week from Delhi to Dubai. This is including both non-stops and layover flights. The airlines that ply from Delhi to Dubai include IndiGo, Hahn Air, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, Air Arabia, and Air India. Some of the most renowned budget airlines with flight booking from Delhi to Dubai at low cost are Air Arabia, Spice Jet, and Fly Dubai.

The Flight Details: What is Available and When

Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport and connects to all major cities worldwide including Delhi. There are 220 flights from Delhi to Dubai each week. Some of these flights are layover flights with one intermediate stop and the rest of them are direct flights. The most common layover cities in a flight from Delhi to Dubai are Mumbai, Chandigarh, Muscat, and Hyderabad. Layover flights cost less than direct flights, but the flight duration is much greater for a layover flight. The average flight duration for a direct flight is roughly three and a half hours while the average flight duration for a layover flight is roughly twelve hours. This is not really surprising as the distance from Delhi to Dubai by flight is 2203.68 kilometers. But the popular choice for cheap flight booking from Delhi to Dubai is generally a layover flight.

Some travelers take separate flights for the layover cities to reduce costs. But for a trip from Delhi to Dubai, this hardly makes any sense. The layover cities are actually further away from Dubai and the overall costing increases instead. So, unless the traveler intends to spend a few days at the layover city, this would be a wasted trip and the smarter choice would be a direct flight from Delhi to Dubai. Flight booking from Delhi to Dubai at low cost is a huge priority even for frequent fliers such as businessmen. So, this is the perfect time to bust out the frequent flier miles or flight rewards to get substantial discounts on the final price. There is another important factor to note while booking a budget flight – weather. From November to March, tourists from all over the world visit Dubai. During this peak season, the ticket prices are higher. This is the perfect time to befriend budget airlines.

Budget Airlines: To Use or Not to Use

Budget airlines offer flight booking from Delhi to Dubai at low cost by cutting down on the travel comfort. This means lesser legroom and no free food or drinks on board. This makes very little difference on a direct flight, though, as the direct flights take hardly four hours and the destination is well worth the sacrifice. Also, it is worth mentioning that budget flights are different from budget airlines in the fact that budget flights are luxury flights offered at a discount. This means that the traveler can very well avail of the creature comforts that are associated with the flight. It may be a better idea to take a budget flight ticket instead of a budget airline when available.

When in Dubai: Enjoy the Ride and More

Whichever way people slice it, Dubai is as exotic as it gets and there is a lot of interesting things to do there. The entire city is as global as can be and 90% of the population is made up of foreigners. No matter where people go in Dubai, the journey affords the thrill of a lifetime. It may be a good idea to book hotels and cabs in advance as well. In fact, the best way to enjoy the trip may be to hire a travel agency as they can arrange for cheap flight booking from Delhi to Dubai without much difficulty and even arrange for the top places to visit and the top things to do.

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