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What do Spiders do During the Winter Months?

There are many towns throughout the United States that experience very cold winters. Depending on where the town is located, the weather can be frigged in the middle of the winter. If you can bring yourself to adapt to the cold weather you may learn to quickly love it. Hitting the slopes of the mountain after a long week in the office is a great way to unwind while enjoying some truly stunning scenery. Another benefit of living in a town that is very cold in the winter months is that the flies that often consume the land during the hot months seem to disappear. In fact, when the weather changes you hardly even notice flies in these areas.

There is another creature that most people despise more than flies- spiders. Although the weather drops to very low level in mountain towns, spiders don’t actually die when they get cold. You are probably wondering how little spiders are able to survive such frigid temperatures that states in the north experience all winter long?

How do Spider Manage the Winter Months?

Spiders actually have a really neat ability to protect themselves throughout the winter months. Spiders lay their eggs in the early fall because eggs do not have the ability to live through the cold weather. While the eggs have hatched by the time the winter months arrive, baby spiders take advantage of the sacs and actually live there throughout the winter and it helps protect them from the elements.

Adult spiders have the ability to produce a chemical inside of their bodies to keep them from freezing. Just as we put antifreeze in our cars in the winter to keep the liquids from freezing, spiders produce their own chemicals inside of their bodies. The chemical that spiders produce is actually very similar to the antifreeze that we put in our car. Spiders live very intelligently during the winter months as well as filling their bodies with antifreeze.

You likely see less spiders outside during the winter months. Spiders need to protect themselves from the serious weather that can strict in the middle of winter. However, you may see an increase in the number of spiders you see in your home as they are searching for a great place to stay during the cold winter nights.

Spiders are actually fascinating creatures who truly are very strong creatures. A tiny spiders ability to create a chemical inside of their body that will keep their insides from freezing during extremely cold temperatures is a something that should be appreciated. While it may not be convenient to share your home with spiders during the winter months, it may help you be less grossed out when you learn the background behind why the spiders are there.

As a reminder, living with spiders is not healthy and they can be very dangerous for you and your families health. If you are living with spiders in a cold mountain town, you need to call a pest control company in the area that can come and remove the spiders from your home.

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