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Small Business Checklist for Moving Offices

Coordinating a small business relocation comes with challenges that are very different from simply moving house. You want your business to be fully operational again as soon as possible, which is why it’s important to consider potential roadblocks well before the big day.

This checklist contains some often overlooked but crucial actions you need to take when relocating your company. If you’re looking for office Removals Brisbane please read on for some great tips.

  1. Make sure that phone and internet connections will be fully functional on the day of the move. Getting this right will require you to coordinate move in dates in advance with the real estate, your service providers and your tech team. Because new internet connections can take weeks to establish, it's best to get on top of this straight away. Even if you have to lease the property a week before you intend to move into it, this may be more cost-effective than having your business out of action for a few days.
  2. Check with the body corporates of both the building you're leaving and the building you’re moving into to see if they have any restrictions on when and how you can move. Most commercial buildings require you to move outside of business hours so that you don’t affect neighbouring business’ trade.
  3. Don't forget to inform your customers and vendors about the move and to get your mail redirected. You’ll also want to update company letterheads, business cards, email footers and online assets like websites and social media accounts.
  4. Have department managers take an inventory of all the items in your business well before the move. A thorough stock take will help you properly budget moving costs and give your business time to dispose of unwanted goods.
  5. Organise signage for the new building as soon as possible. This lets people know that you’re moving in and helps prevent walk-in business dropping off after the relocation.
  6. Let your employees know about the move once you know about it. They will need plenty of time to arrange transportation to the new location. If your new office is significantly far from your old one, be prepared for some employees not to come with you.
  7. Assign one person on your team to be the point of contact with your removalist. This will stop miscommunications and help the move go smoothly.
  8. Get your employees to move their personal items, but leave the rest of the packing up to professional removalists. Some companies simply give their staff a box to pack all of their desk items into, but this can be inefficient and take up more space than is needed.
  9. Consider hiring professional dismantlers to disassemble your office furniture. They’ll get the job done more efficiently than your staff and are less likely to damage company property.
  10. Make sure that your new premises have adequate security systems in place before you move. Your business may require alarms, security cameras, key pass systems or even just extra sets of keys for employees, and you’ll need them all before you resume trading.

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