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People can think driving is easy  in town as well as in countryside too, but driving is not that simple. Every area has different type of hazards like if you are driving in town there will be the hazard of breaking a signal or rush driving. At the same time if you are driving at a countryside it can be an accident prone zone as the road is not straight. Though you need HR truck license for both, otherwise, you can end up visiting the jail. So, if you are a driver who spends most of the time driving, here are few things you need to consider.

Country Roads are different than those you find in the town center. They are made of the same substance, but this is the last similarity. Countryside roads are dirtier due to many trees and grounds nearby, the road attracts the dirt often making the surface more slippery.

Another thing you need to remember is that country roads have more plants bordering them. Many of the trees will be lined with the likes of tall hedgerows and conifers, which means that you will experience more blind corners than the town roads. Additionally, the road of the countryside has small width, which means you need to drive slowly. Maximum country roads are narrower than those which are built up in town areas so be aware that you may need to reduce your speed considerably in order for other vehicles to pass by.

Country Vehicles can be very varied according to the town. Most people who live in the country owns a car, there will be also many vehicles used by companies and industries which tend to be located in the country. For example, farm vehicles like tractors etc, They are extremely slow and their use means that they don’t just use the roads. You will find them entering and exiting fields whose entrances may not be common.

Also, remember the type of work the likes of tractors which are used for and the fact many of them do not carry their load enclosed.

Other Road Users in the countryside do not just consist of vehicles and pedestrians. Bearing in mind most country settings will have various farming communities and it will result in sharing the road with horses but also many of the farmyard animals like cows, pigs, and sheep when they are moved from one location to another.

Driving a vehicle in the country is a completely different experience altogether than driving around town. The surroundings may be more picturesque and charming but you will need to be very serious while driving. Whenever you drive in the countryside you need to make sure that you are an experienced driver.

These are few safety tips for countryside driving, but make sure you have an HR truck license before you set on track. If you are a learner you can get in touch with the local truck driving schools and get best assistance and experience.

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