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How to reduce costs of staff by hiring freelance employees?

Hiring a new employee can be extremely costly especially for entrepreneurs who just started a business. You will need to cover their healthcare, bonusses, benefits, paid time off and many other expenses. These are the reasons that are stopping niroomand family lawyer entrepreneurs from hiring new staff. And not to mention the training they will need to go through. It is a complex process that requires a lot of time and the possibilities that you will find the right person for the job are not very satisfying.

Large companies have learned an important lesson when it comes to cost control: "Outsource everything you can, especially what does not relate to the core of the job."

Outsourcing means performing certain activities externally, i.e. letting certain activities to be performed by other companies or individuals that will do them faster, better and cheaper - the available resources of the company are directed to the core business.

So now in huge companies you can see that a small number of people work in departments that carry the burden of a large amount of work and wonder how to handle all the tasks. So, most of the jobs are completed by external resources. They realized that the real luxury is to have workers who are not related to the company's business. Initially, it can be a low-skilled workforce, and there is a growing tendency to use intellectual services in the field of IT as well as marketing.

A research conducted in March 2015 shows that the core part of a small business strategy can be launched as a marketing venture as a proven way to maintain profitability. Which means that this kind of business is not and will not be reserved only for global corporations.

There are many reasons for outsourcing and here are a few key points so that you can pay attention to them:

Money saving - greater efficiency.

It should be noted that there is much less time needed for a job to be done for someone who specializes in certain areas, rather than someone who is responsible for "everything" in the company.

it is impossible for one person to handle different types of tasks. For example, you cannot require someone to be your graphic designer, writer, marketer, IT technician and web developer or programmer at the same time. If you try to find a person who can handle different kind of tasks, be sure that it will directly contribute to reducing the quality of their work.

Imagine that these jobs are coordinated by someone who has been dealing with them for a longer period of time and is narrowly specialized in that area for years.

When it comes to outsourcing as a substitute for a job it is very easy to put it on paper. It is not that simple, but it is a lot simpler than hiring and training a regular employee in your company. What you need to do is determine the tasks that take the most of your time and the time of your employees. These are usually tasks that are not related to the core tasks of the company.

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