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Redefining the Future of Online Truck Booking

The cost of road transportation in India is relatively higher as compared to the cost of road transportation in the other corners of the world. Although factors such as the worst condition of roads is also responsible for the higher cost of the road transportation, but there are also many other factors such as the rough business model of the transportation sector. In India, there would be only few transportation industries that are truly making use of the Information Technology for the management and real-time tracking of the truck bookings.  Where various other sectors of Indian economy have made growth with the help of Information technology, the transportation sector is lagging behind in the race of development. So, let’s have a look how information technology can redefine the future of the online truck booking.

Here are some of the crucial ways by which Information Technology can help to redefine the future of the Online Truck Booking Services:

  1. Easy to find Trucks for Back-Hauls:

After delivering goods, items or loads to a particular destination, usually truck comes back empty to its destination that only adds to the cost of the transportation. But with the help of information technology, it can be easier to find truck if the truck is near to the location of the customer so that truck no more needs to return back empty. It helps in adding additional cost to the income for the truck owner. So, it helps in saving the overall cost of the transportation.

  1. Automated Information Flow:

With the help of an IT platform or mobile based app, it is easy to stay updated with the real-time information flow. An IT platform makes it possible to have real time visibility for the transporters to see whether any truck is available for any specific route. Also, it makes it possible to have insight into the price that the vehicle owners quote for any specific load. The truck owners can also be able to know about the price what transporter wishes to pay. This is how; IT can help to enhance the truck transportation services.

  1. Better Solutions for Truck Owners and Transporters as Well:

It is a well-known fact that the information technology has a great impact on the economy and demand-supply of the taxi and hotel industry. The similar innovation can be brought up in the trucking and transportation industry as well. With the help of an IT platform and a mobile based app, it is easier to aggregate the supply of loads and makes sure that it is a better way of exploring the price of every load delivery.

  1. Secure Freight Payment:

The introduction of technology can bring a secured and simplified payment process that makes it possible for fleet owners and transporters both to make a transaction online.

Therefore, this is how bringing information technology into the truck transportation industry can help in enhancing and redefining the future of the online truck booking services. Haultips is one of the leading truck transportation services providers that makes use of the information technology and keeps on working to enhance the use of technology into the transportation industry.

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