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When you move to your new home choosing the right moving company is very important. A simple search online for moving company will yield thousand of research, every company pretends to be the best, but how will you know which company will provide you the best services like two men and a truck. There are certain questions which are asked by many people to understand the quality of the services.

Here are few questions which you should ask before hiring a moving company

Do they have insurance?

This is the first and foremost question which you should ask a company before hiring. You should not hire a company that doesn’t have insurance because moving your belongings with an uninsured moving company can be risky. If your choices are limited, consider adding a third party moving insurance.

How long have they been in this business?

If the company is in this business for a longer period of time they will be more experienced and know the services better and have more facilities and staffs than the start-up company. This also adds to the security as the company is older and reputed and cannot bluff its clients. This is the reason why people search for an experienced and old agency.

Are they licensed?

Before hiring any agency don’t forget to ask for their license, you can ask for their license number which is a unique number and is assigned to commercial vehicle owners. This is very crucial if you are moving to another state.

Does the company have online reviews?

You can check the customer feedback online. There will be many customers who will have good reviews while few can have bad reviews. Opt for the company which has more good reviews and no or less bad reviews.

What is the policy of payment?

If you need to move locally you can speak to your movers, usually, local movers charge by hours, but there are few movers who charge by a number of boxes with the weight of the items. Many companies have 2 / 3 hours minimum charge regardless of how long it actually takes, make sure you have all the necessary information before you hire any company.

Does the company provide all the necessary documentation?

This is another crucial question if you are moving to another state, you will need to have the moving contract, inventory list, insurance, receipts, etc. make sure you do not sign a blank or incomplete document. If you are not sure about the questions you should ask the moving companies, you can think about the belongings and how they will be handled.

How they prevent property damage?

You will not want to get your belongings in two pieces, hence, make sure you ask your company how they will prevent the property damage. If your belongings get broken how the company will resolve your problem, so make sure you take adequate measures have been taken to prevent the damage.Your movers should protect the walls, floors, corners, banisters and door frames in your former home.

These are few questions which you can ask your moving company before you hire them. Either way to move your belongings without any hassle is to hire two men and a truck and move your household products easily.

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