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Packages of 100 oral tablets

Anavar is not recommended for non-medical purposes like for bodybuilding or for enhancing performance. One can purchase Anvar legally, if they have a prescription. If a person is looking for alternative for Anavar which is legal to use and is safe is Anvarol. This helps in improving the strength of the person and also increases the energy. It helps in stimulating the phosphocreatine synthesis in the tissues of the muscles. Anvarol is also perfect for cutting cycles as it helps in fat loss and is also muscle sparing, this steroid can be used by male and females.

Anavar comes in 5mg to 10 mg tablets whereas prescription wise it can be found in 2.5mg tablets too. The potency of the tablet is 10 hours but this depends on the dosage consumed and the individual too. Anavar should not be taken for more than a month. A break should be taken before embarking on a new cycle.

The benefits of using liquid Anavar

  • This legal and does not require prescription.
  • The calories are cut and retaining the lean muscle.
  • The hardness and vascularity of the muscle is achieved.
  • The fat is burned and useful as in the cutting cycle.
  • Easily available online


  • Liquid Anavar is not so useful for bulking up.
  • It works well on women than men.

Anavar pct

Dosages should not be manipulated in sense skipped or increased intentionally. If you are not able to get satisfactory results after the usage after a week or more you could consult and doctor and ask for an increase in dosage or change of steroid that might suit your system. Self medication can really be harmful. It is available in packages of 100 oral tablets.

The use of liquid Anavar is quite mild so it does not affect the testosterone levels in males unlike its counterpart the Anavar tablet. Those higher doses may cause an impact.

The risk of virilisation is at most in ladies but with liquid form is quite less compared to the tablet form of Anavar such irregular menstrual cycles, decrease in the size of the breasts etc.

Though both cause the above problems at different levels but it is also observed that after stoppage of usage also may not solve the problems immediate medical intervention may be required to attain normalcy. Even the reproductive and the libido also may be affected at different levels of usage of liquid and tablets of Anavar.

Though Anavar is safe and mild, it is a bit expensive. Just a single tablet weighing 10 mg may cost around $2 and if you want to have the high quality ones, then you will have to shell out at least $4 for just one tablet. Of course, the cost you will have to incur will depend on how many you have to use for desired results. For males, there has to be a good amount of tablets to be used for the results they are looking for. So, it can be expensive. Yet, when you look at the results and that too without any side effects, Anavar is worth every penny you spend on it.

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