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Non-Surgical Solutions for Hair Loss in Women

Modern women who suffer from hair loss have a few more options than their ancestors would, and with the clever use of technology, any women can restore a full head of hair with innovative, new treatments. Hair transplants are not only very costly, if the hair loss is temporary, as is the case with most women, then a permanent solution is not required.

Human Hair Extensions

This has long been used in the hair styling business, and any woman can instantly have that long haired look by seeking out a good hair salon that offers extensions, yet hair extensions can also be used to discreetly hide thinning areas, and with expert application, no one would ever know. Female hair loss is very prevalent and can be caused by a number of conditions, including hormone imbalances and genetically related hair loss also affects many women. While the problem might be temporary, by having hair extensions carefully woven into your existing hair, when your hair grows back, the extensions will not inhibit the growth in any way and can be removed when they are no longer required.

Discreet Fixing

Sometime, the affected area requires a very thin but very strong mesh to be attached to the scalp, and then human hair extensions are meticulously woven into this mesh, leaving the wearer with a full head of natural looking hair. The technicians who work in an established hair restoration clinic would be skilled at applying a number of treatments, and after an initial consultation, you would know your options. The problem with female hair loss has always been a lack of treatment options, and in the case of complete hair loss, a wig was the only solution, until a few years ago, when certain clinics began to use hair extensions as part of the treatment process.

No Restrictions

Unlike wearing a wig, this new system attaches the hair extensions in such a way that you can lead a normal, active lifestyle, and treat the hair as if it were your own. It cannot be removed, and the system will stay in place for at least 3 months, and the same hair can be reused, giving you another 3 months, if required. Discretion is the name of the game, and depending on the person’s condition, there are several ways to attach the extensions, and the trained technicians have the skill to really blend the extensions into your existing hair style, and once the extensions are firmly in place, the stylist can get to work.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like a practical solution, an online search should reveal the whereabouts of a hair restoration clinic that isn’t too far from where you live. Most would offer a free initial consultation, during which, the clinic would diagnose the problem and offer the best solution. Using human hair extensions, it is possible to restore any hair loss, and with careful selection of the extensions, any style is possible.

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