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More Information About Lymphoma

If you have a cancer which is affecting your lymphatic system then the cancer you have is particularly known as lymphoma. The white blood cells of our body which are called lymphocytes are targeted by this cancer. The main role of the lymphocytes is to help our body fight against diseases. The immune system needs these lymphocytes to protect our bodies from harmful microbes. Thus when these cells are affected by the cancer our immune system gets weak. The lymphocytes are present in the bloodstream, so when the cancer affects them they can easily spread to other parts of the body.

Though lymphoma can occur at any age, it is mostly observed in children and young adults between the age of 15 and 24 years. Lymphoma treatment in India is pretty extensive and patients with lymphoma are treated effectively maximum of the times. It can’t be prevented from happening but it has been observed that after treatment the survival rates are quite hopeful.


Lymphoma is also categorised into different types and the treatment is also based on the type the patient has. The stage of the cancer is also a deciding factor for the type of treatment the patient receives. Some of the slow growing and indolent lymphoma might not even require treatment. It just has to be kept under a watchful eye. Many different types of treatment are available for curing it. Some of the most common modes of treating lymphoma are:

  • BIOLOGIC THERAPY- this involves drug treatment which stimulates our immune system to fight back against the cancer cells.
  • ANTIBODY THERAPY- the cancer’s antigens are destroyed by introducing synthetic antibodies in the system.
  • CHEMOTHERAPY- aggressive drugs are used in this treatment to destroy the cancer cells altogether.
  • RADIOIMMUNOTHERAPY- in this treatment, high power radioactive doses are directly delivered to kill the B-cells and the T-cells of the cancer.
  • RADIATION THERAPY- this method is used when the cancer is focused only on small areas of the body.
  • STEM CELL TRANSPLANT- the damaged bone marrow can be effectively restored by this method which has to be followed either by chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • STEROIDS- in some cases lymphoma is treated by injecting steroids into the patient’s body.
  • SURGERY- when lymphoma spreads to the organs of the body, the affected parts can be surgically removed.


As lymphoma affects the immune system, the symptoms of it are similar to any viral fever or common cold. Just that these symptoms are observed to be much more long lasting than one would expect from it. There have even been cases where the patient has had no symptoms. Most often the lymph nodes which are located all over the body get swelled up. There are many hospitals which will offer the best treatment for lymphoma in India. They will identify the symptoms from the early stages and cure you in the most effective way possible. It may also cause loss of appetite for the patient which may eventually result in weight loss.

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