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Missionary Camps- A Ray of hope

The people residing in the western world hardly know about the word poverty. People who are born in the loyal families never think and mind about the poverty. But the truth is that there are many countries which are suffering from the poverty at high rates. Life in these countries is very tough and many lost their lives without tasting the hope of needs. Others who have a kind heart to offer a little financial help to these people to help the poor in the society.

But is that enough? After seeing the efforts of the humanitarians such as Elizabeth Rehnke most of the people will say that it is not enough. There are people in this world who are living for others. They are providing the needy with all the help they can. They leave their families, personal interests, luxuries of their lives to help others. They travel to the most of the backward areas so that they can serve these people. They are linked with the NGO’s and other organizations and volunteers help the people in need. Having a kind heart is a very special blessing and not many are blessed with this quality.

Mission of the missionary camps

Health is one of the most important things which humans require for living. And there are many parts of the world where there is strict need of the health care. There are no hopes of getting health facilities. There are no hospitals or clinic available and people have to travel long distances to get medical help. There are elder adults and new born which are unable to travel these distances and die. People are not educated and their lifestyle is hard. They travel long distances and foot and children there have never seen schools in their lives.

In such situations medical missions are the only hopes and social workers are like blessings to these people. Social workers such as Liz Rehnke have been serving the humanity since they realize they are born to perform these noble acts. This path is not easy and people have to face many challenges and have to get through many hardships while being on the missions. These people find the every possible way to help people.

Medical missions are organized in the areas where there is no access to the medical facilities. These missionary camps are organized for weeks and poor and the suffering people are provided with the medication and treatments.

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