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How to Master Project Management in Business

Whether you’ve been managing projects for decades or have just been promoted to a managerial position, it’s time you re-evaluated how you handle projects as a whole. Impress your boss and increase profits by streamlining your project management methods!

You may already have heard of Scanmarket at and their fantastic strategic sourcing software. But are you aware that they also offer project management services to help you further?

Below we’ll cover 3 simple ways that Scanmarket’s strategic sourcing project management service can revolutionise your workplace.

Improved Visibility

When you’re managing a project yourself it’s very difficult to keep track of everything. You probably have a number of very large spreadsheets that are tracking numbers and profits, but is everyone on your team recording data in the same place? How often do you have time to assess your progress and see where the weak links are?

When you’re dealing with multiple stakeholders, participants, employees and even departments within your business it becomes hard to keep everyone on the same page.

That’s one of the first things that Scanmarket will address by pulling everything into one place. With a single cloud that everyone is working from, you can clearly see what is being done and what isn’t, allowing you to make better decisions as project manager.

Better Compliance

The bug bear of every business. It’s often a headache but it’s so important to get right. You need to run an ethical, compliant business and that means ensuring your projects are ethical and compliant too.

As we just covered, keeping track everything at one time is difficult enough. Scanmarket’s project management can help you with compliance by establishing set workflows (more on workflows below) and templates so that you know your project is always 100% compliant.

This also means that your project looks and feels professional, with everyone working efficiently using the same processes, documents, and templates. Working together as a team rather than as individuals is a project management essential!

Workflow Management

Finally, we come onto workflow management. Not only does Scanmarket create a roadmap so you can see the bigger picture and your project as a whole, but you can also view and manage the smallest of tasks to ensure everything is working how it should.

By managing the workflow, you can approve work quicker, meet your deadlines early and create a structure that has your team working at warp speed! You’ll receive instant notifications of delays and new deadlines so you’re always on the ball and ready for anything. No more last-minutesetbacks.

Of course, the benefits don’t just end there so make sure you head over to Scanmarkets website to read more! Get in contact with their support if you’d like to find out how their platforms can boost your business.

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