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What is a Luxury Rehab and What Types of Services it Provides?

Luxury alcohol rehab is a rehab where you can enjoy high class accommodation like that of a 5 star hotel while receiving alcohol rehab treatment. You will be treated as a VIP guest and get to stay a room that is elegantly furnished with expensive furniture. You will also get access to all the recreational facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gym, massage parlor, and business center. Most private rehabs have large lawns with an extensive network of jogging trail for you to go jogging. Because it is located in a scenic area, you will be able to feel relax and calm down yourself to think clearly when you watch the scenery. The following describe the services that a luxury alcohol rehab provides to help alcohol addicts.

  1. Meals Prepared by Top Chef

There will be a top chef preparing your meals and snacks that occur in between meals. The meal will be made up of food that are balanced in all the essential nutrients. They are cooked and seasoned in a way that will taste delicious so that you will enjoy eating healthy food that is good for you. The luxury rehab does not restrict you to eat the same food as everyone else that participate in the program. You get to select your own food menu for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. If there is a particular food you want to eat that is not included in the menu, the chef can also prepare it for you.

  1. 24/7 Monitoring

The best alcohol rehab is equipped with a team of doctors and medical specialist that monitor the patients for 24/7 per day. The around the clock monitoring is important for patients that are undergoing the detox stage. During the detox stage, the patients can suddenly become deranged and try to hurt others of himself when they are unable to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. The medical personnel knows what to do to calm down patients that demonstrate different withdrawal symptoms as a result of addiction to a particular substance.

  1. Up to Date Treatment Technique

Luxury rehab uses up to date treatment technique and the latest rehab treatment equipment to treat alcohol addict patient. In public rehab, the technique and equipment that they use may be outdated because they do not have the funds to update them. A good private rehab will always update itself from time to time since the customers are paying for the treatment and they deserve to get the best outcome. Getting treatment at a rehab that use the latest equipment and technique is important for successfully overcoming addiction and preventing relapse.

  1. Accessibility to Private Counseling

In a luxury rehab, you will get access to a private counseling session not just the group counseling session. The private counseling session allows you to talk to a private counselor face to face about your alcohol addiction problem. Many alcohol addicts are shy about discussing their alcohol addiction with other people so group counseling may do them no good. The private counselor will tackle with the inward problems such as mental and emotional problems that cause the person to become addicted in alcohol in the first place.

  1. Can be Paid with Your Health Insurance

Many people want to go to a luxury rehab but they cannot afford it. Luxury rehab is expensive and requires you to pay upfront tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, many rehabs are now accepting insurance for payment of the alcohol rehab program. So, if you have private insurance, you can try calling them and ask if they will accept it. In this way, you will have covered a large portion of the cost and only have to use a little of your savings to pay the rest of the alcohol rehab program.


In conclusion, luxury rehab is not just different in terms of providing luxury facility but patients that get admitted there also receive top notch treatment by professional doctors. This gives them the highest chance of recovering completely from the alcohol addiction. If you can afford it, you should join a luxury alcohol rehab program and you will find that it worth every penny you spend.

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