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Latest upholstery designs you need to know about

7 Fresh Upholstery Design Trends That You Will Love For 2017

The trends of 2017 interior decorating are all about freedom of expression and happy, up-lifting prints. The latest upholstery designs are beautiful, bright, and colorful! These looks will add an artistic flair to each room, and showcase your creative sense of style. We've gone through some serious years in the past, but this is definitely not one of them! Get playful, funky, and let loose when it comes to choosing your color palate and design elements. Boho chic is big, and rich, luxurious colors and textures rule the roost! If you are curious about the latest upholstery designs, you are in for a treat! These seven stunning styles are sure to make you smile.

  1. Beautiful Backs

While the last ten years have brought many minimalist and functional furniture pieces into vogue, the new styles are decorated to the max. That means that the back of a chair can display a beautiful artistic element. This look goes the extra mile when it comes to design. Though traditional chairs traditionally do not have intricate backs, the new vibe is anything but traditional! Think outside of the box and opt for a printed back that is a work of art all on it's own.

  1. African Prints

You might have noticed the "back to nature" themes cropping up in home decor of late. This is a trend that has seen different faces in the last few years. In keeping with the flower-child bohemian movement, the trending upholstery designs incorporate earth elements in surprising, unconventional ways. Instead of typical subtle earthy elements, the new back to nature look is bold and vibrant. Think about tropical or African prints. Bold rich greens and floral colors, or stunning zebra or cheetah prints can really enhance a room! If you have a couch that is outdated, you can easily update the look by re-upholstering or adding a few colorful throw pillows. Make a sewing project up for yourself, and cover throw pillows with updated fabric. You can also purchase readymade cushion covers, or have them made to order!

  1. Mix and Match Modern

Instead of having a piece of furniture covered in all one print or texture, think about mixing it up. This is a great way to add a modern look to stale pieces. The different prints should adhere to one theme, but can be very different when it comes to the specific details. A cohesive color palate helps to tie the upholstery fabrics together and make for a nice holistic look. The

  1. Boho Chic Throw Pillows

The bohemian style is back big time, and it is so easy to pull off! Bohemian style is about vibrant colors, with a hippy, free spirited appearance. This movement originated in the late '60s in English suburbs, and came to the US mass culture in the '70s. The bohemian movement was about throwing away convention and opting for a vagabond, wanderer lifestyle, that values freedom, expression, and creativity. Boho chic style is rooted in the gypsy and hippy fashions.

Throw pillows offer the perfect way to get into the boho groove. A bohemian style throw pillow might have some pom poms around the edges, or tassels on the corner. The prints are rich in terms of color tone; think about deep aqua marine, royal purple, bright pink, and sunflower yellow. This look is laid back, relaxed, and care-free. Boho chic throw pillows can be a fun DIY pillow project; simply cover old throw pillows with new fabric and add crafty elements around the edges.

  1. Luxurious Bedheads

Beautifully soft bedheads are in style, and we are so glad! Do you want to feel like royalty when you enter the bedroom? Bedheads made of fabric that are soft and padded are a new trend, because of the delux air that they offer the entire bedroom. Transform your sleeping space by rethinking the comforter, toppers, pillows, and sheets on your bed, and then top it all off with a magnificent headboard, made with rich fabric, soft padding, and deep buttons. Enhance this decadent look with thick curtains for a really sumptuous, restful feeling.

  1. Historic Looks with Upgrades

Decorators this year are bringing back historic designs, but giving them upgrades. A classic parlor chair, for example, might have brass nail details, shallow buttons, and a neutral toned covering, but it will have one exception that gives it an upgraded element. This exception could be a twist in the curves and form of the piece, or could be an addition of a funky print in place of the neutral fabric in one area only. It is no longer in style to go with an antique theme 100%. Instead, shake things up with some antique factors, and a few bold modern highlights. This is a fun way to mix generational styles and keep things fresh!

  1. The Color Green

One last upholstery design trend that you must know about is simple: the color green! Use this color for your upholstery needs and you will be oh so pleased! Green is the color of hope (think of the green light across the bay in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"). Green signifies a new beginning, growth, and wealth! Green can be used in many ways, from painted spring green walls, to a vibrant fern-green couch. You can use green touches, or go big by using many greens all at once. House plants and flowers can enhance this look, and are healthy to boot! Think about purchasing a money tree for the corner of your green home office, and watch the revenue roll in.

The upholstery designs of 2017 are unconventional and full of levity. Even with traditional looks, an unexpected twist is thrown in to keep the interior design from looking stale. Fun, vibrant prints and colors are back with a gusto. When you think about the design elements that you look forward to using for your home, don't limit yourself to what has been done before. Think outside of the box, and the interior decorating trends of 2017 will support you!

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