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Latest Saree Collection Of 2017 That Will Take Your Breath Away

Sarees are one of the most sophisticated and favorite Indian attire that has such grace and aura which would never fade away. No matter whether it’s a formal or social gathering event, a beautiful saree can never go wrong.  Before few years, saree was a simple and not that popular attire but with time it has turned into a style statement due to the blend of unique and new styles. The classy traditional Indian saree has got a modern twist to it making it the most in-style apparel of all times. From embroidery work blouses to colored pleats, a great transformation has been witnessed in the designs and fabrics. Let’s look at some amazing trends of 2017 that you must add to your wardrobe:

  • Saree Without Pleats

Sounds odd right? But this is a unique designer saree which can be easily draped without any pleats to be folded. This saree is a stunning addition to the trends of 2017 giving a look that is both stylish and ethnic at the same time a perfect option for any casual party or a family function.

  • Colored Pleats

This saree has colored pleats that are in contrast with the rest of the saree color making it an eye-catching and style-statement attire. These saree works well for casual events or any day-time event.

  • Long-Front Slit Blouse

Give a stylish twist to an old saree with a trendy blouse that has a thing-long front-slit embellished with stones or ruffles. This saree with a twist would give you a graceful yet modern look and is perfect for a casual or formal event.

  • Lehenga Style Saree

This is the latest and artistic addition to the Indian saree collection with a beautiful blend of the classic saree and the lehenga choli. Lehenga Style Saree is an easy-to-wear ensemble that doesn’t require forming pleats but just a simple tuck and drape.

  • Half And Half saree

This half and half saree is a unique variation made to the traditional saree and has been named based on the color contrasts i.e. dual colors in the saree fabric. This saree is perfect for social or formal events.

  • The Long Train Saree

As the name entails these saree comes with a pallu that is longer than the usual saree pallu. This saree is a stunning option for parties and weddings along with a look that is both elegant as well as a classy.

  • Finespun Border

This type of border saree is an emerging trend of 2017 saree collection - where the highlight of the saree is just a subtle border giving it a trendy as well as graceful look. The border can be an embellished one or a simple patch work design; it still has an elegant aura about it.

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