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Key Skills Needed to Work in Digital Marketing in 2017

As marketing technology channels and platform evolves the skill of digital marketing professional need to evolve so businesses can successfully run their digital marketing strategies in 2017. Does your marketing team have the most important skills needed for continued success and to improve efforts? To identify any talent shortages that you must assume, see the following 5 major digital marketing competencies.

  1. Analysis of data

One might say that the most important skill in digital marketing in 2017 and beyond is data analysis.

Due to the growing importance and abundance of customer data (which will only become more abundant due to the Internet of things), digital marketing skills assessment need to feel comfortable with metering, metrics and data analysis.

Data analysis skills allow marketing to respond to the most important question: "Does it work?" What leads to more effective and targeted marketing campaigns, improving customer personalities, improving personalization capabilities, reducing bounce rates, and increasing customer privacy among many other benefits?

In short, if companies want their digital marketing teams to be effective and successful and generate more potential customers in 2017, they should hire highly qualified digital marketing professionals in data analysis.

  1. Basic Knowledge of HTML / CSS

The basic experience with HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another of the major digital marketing skills for 2017. Of course, your marketing team does not need to be able to create a web site from scratch, but has marketing specialists on your core coding computer Competencies will help your company present the messages more clearly through visual design, an important part of digital marketing.

HTML / CSS marketing professionals will be able to update and improve the design and appearance of everything from their web pages to email marketing campaigns that will turn them into more effective lead channels that will generate more sales

  1. Mastery of marketing automation tools

With the emergence of advanced automation solutions for marketing, companies need experienced professionals with navigation on these numerous platforms.

Companies are beginning to rely on automation as it allows their digital marketing teams to do a better job in much less time while at the same time giving money to the company. Automated emails, social networking campaigns, and content marketing always generate more benefits and more sales.

To take advantage of these technologies, digital marketing teams need to be experienced in various marketing automation solutions. Instruments such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot, coupled with Salesforce, are now widespread in companies in a broad spectrum of industries.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing has quickly become a cornerstone of marketing strategy in recent years.

Create high quality content on important topics for your target audience, so the content you want to interact with will help your business attract audiences and customers instead of sending messages and ads that you've learned to ignore or block.

Investing in digital marketing with content marketing and writing capabilities will increase your website traffic and a higher ranking of organic search engines for your business, which will naturally generate more potential customers.

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