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You Are Just 6 Steps Away from a Perfect Lead Generation and Sales Model

How do you usually find your new customers? Hopefully, you still do not use manual flyer distribution and vinyl ads. Today, hardly any business is without a website. So it is safe to assume that you are using your site to attract new customers, but here's the glitch. Not all businesses grow even with the extensive investment of website optimization, SEO, SEM and lead generating tools. That is because people assume that these factors work by themselves to create customers, while the CIOs, CEOs, and marketing team leaders focus on other non-revenue generating work.

You cannot just work on your leads when you feel comfortable. You cannot wait for a day when conversion rates flatline to check your lead generation machinery. Above all, you cannot leave the tools to take care of your leads by themselves, because they just will not work.

Here is a simple 6 step guide to help you understand what you exactly need to do to fill your sales funnel:

Know what your customers desire

You don't have to be a psychic, and you do not need a magic crystal ball to know your customer's buying behavior. You can simply study their actions on your website, their buying history and their preferred means of communication to find out what your customers want. Here, you may want the help of a big data expert, who can collate all the customer data and give you a clear picture of their habits. The best way to live up to the expectations of the customers is to adapt to the newest trends.

Does your sales team understand your customers?

Your sales team needs sufficient training to communicate with the customers properly. They need training with the new tools that can help them understand customer demographics. You need to ensure that your team knows what your customer is asking for while interacting with them. A better-trained sales team often translates to a satisfied customer. It makes a huge difference in terms of company reviews and impressions.

Implement the metrics of your sales

Your sales team needs to understand the value of time during customer support operations. Your company surely needs call-back parameters to measure the amount of time delay in each response and a feedback mechanism that denotes the satisfaction level of each customer they interact with. You will need a CRM and a separate database for this one.

Eliminate non-revenue generating tasks

After years of studying the market interaction between companies and their customers, we have seen that a severe delay in the response time usually happens due to other tasks that come in the way. Your business may need an audit, where the sales team needs allocation of different responsibilities around the day and removal of the tasks that do not directly generate revenue. A primary prioritizing method can help the companies find more time to respond to customer messages, calls and feedbacks.

Get your fresh email list and prospect contacts right now

People are busy, especially when it comes to promotions and marketing. If you think, there is someone who will respond positively to your marketing email or your promotional call, go ahead and do the needful right away. Studies show us that the exact moment your email hits the lead queue; the prospect is likely to have time and mindset for a discussion. You will also need to employ an email tracker for this. This tool will help you understand, which prospect has received your email, which prospect has opened the email and who have sent it to spam directly.

Do not just look at the metrics. Analyze!

What is the point of metric generating tools, if you do not have the resources to analyze the numbers? Metrics is something every company has. It is their implication, and you need to know it. You should, of course, check your metrics weekly at first and then monthly, but you need tools to generate the analysis reports to understand what the numbers, graphs, and decimals mean. Yes, asking for expert help is acceptable here. You can go back to your data expert for this process, or you can approach market researchers for a thorough insight into the inferences and conclusions of those numbers.

We have seen that most complex problems of all business operations find their solutions in the purest forms. These 6 steps seem simple enough for any novice marketer to follow and understand, yet they are the secret to a better sales team output and improved customer satisfaction levels.

Author bio:

Lucy Jones is a sales and marketing expert. She has been training several companies and their teams across the US for excellence. Her research work in the field of digitization of business and advancing demands of the digital customer has shown a new direction to SMBs looking for new markets.

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