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Importance ofKidney Transplant for People Suffering from Kidney Failure

One of the most important organs in our body is the kidney. It helps filter the waste inside the body. This waste gets excreted in urine. At times, the kidney loses this ability and the waste builds up inside the body. This leads to life-threatening conditions.

Need for the surgery

When the kidney stops functioning, we have to undergo kidney transplant surgery. You can undergo this surgery at the top hospitals in India. Find a medical service provider who arranges the medical services. You can get the list of kidney transplant hospitals in India approved by the accrediting agencies.

Once you get the list of these hospitals, you can choose the hospital you want and then arrange for the needed surgery. It is important you begin the treatment early as this will help in your recovery process. These service providers, who arrange for the hospitals, give free patient advice. You can clear all your doubts before you make any decision. You can begin by choosing the hospital from the list of hospitals they have approved. You will find the top hospitals from India on this list.

Choose a service provider

Get the cost of treatment and the medical opinion from the service providers. Choose one service provider and begin the treatment. You get treatment from the top Indian hospital. The service providers will help coordinate all your schedules, accommodations, and related logistics. Because the entire thing remains simplified, you can undergo treatment and get cured in no time at all.

You can get treatment from the top kidney transplant hospitals in India by contacting the service provider. They arrange for your treatment and arrange the schedules and accommodation. You have to arrange for kidney donor or wait for a deceased donor it a living one is not available.

One could opt for dialysis over a kidney transplant. There are several reasons for having a kidney transplant operation. Those on dialysis have restrictions on what they may eat or drink. They must report for the dialysis on time. The movement remains restricted and so their daily life gets affected. If you undergo a kidney transplant surgery, then you will not have as many restrictions as that mentioned.

Risks and costs

The patient can have almost normal diet and there is no restriction on his or her movement. But, there are the usual risks connected with this procedure. You have the risk of infections. Also, there is the risk of rejection of the kidney so you must take anti-rejection medicines. If you have insurance it will cover almost all the costs of evaluation and transplant operation. You will also remain covered for the anti-rejection medicines you need after the operation and the follow-up process.

When you have the transplant, they will place the new kidney in the lower abdomen and leave your old kidney alone. The life of the kidney transplant varies from person to person. Ones from a living door will last longer. It also depends on how good the match is between the donor and the recipient. On an average, most of the kidney transplants (95%) survive at least 1 year. About 85-90% survives for 5 years and 75% survive for 10 years.

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