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Helpful Tips Before you Buy Your FIGURE SKATES

Figure skating is one of the best Winter Sports in the Olympics today. However, every contestant is so good that you might wonder how they learned to do this and that. Somehow, their performance is greatly influenced by their skates. Since they use only top of the line skates, it's comfortable, lightweight and durable. They don't need to think about how sturdy their skates can be after they land. They just think about their performance and nothing else.

When you talk about figure skates, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Before buying your first pair of skates, there are some things that you need to know and take into consideration. Let us know the basics about these skates before we actually buy one.

The Brands of Boots and Blades

When window shopping for figure skates, one would be drawn to buy the cheaper ones. However, if ask the more experienced skaters, these figure skates should be bought from stores that deal with figure skates and figure skating supplies alone. Nothing else. Remember, cheap boots and blade sets purchased from sporting good stores or even from department stores are not good enough.

The ENTRY Level Skates.

For beginners and recreational skaters, there are loads of skates for you to choose from. One of the most popular is from Jackson Ultima. Aside from this, there is also another figure skating companies who are distributing entry level skates.

BOOT-BLADED Figure Skates.

Boot and blade skate combinations are also good for beginners or intermediate level skaters. For the boot-blade package, the boots should be stiffer to provide feet and ankle support. However, it should be flexible enough to make you feel comfortable.

The Blades

If you use high-quality figure skate blades, you don't need to sharpen them often. These blades flow smoothly on the ice. Do not skimp on the blades. The quality of the blade will affect the skater's performance when practicing spins and jumps.

Make it FIT!

Never buy a skate that has an extra room. You are not buying sneakers or trainers. When you purchase figure skates, the boot should fit perfectly. There should be extra spaces in the boot, especially in the heel.

When Buying Boots and Blades

Buying boots separately from blades is always an option, This is true even for beginners. There’s a lot of high-quality boots and blades on the market today. Take time in researching for the best blades and boots for you to get the perfect match.

Is it Safe to Buy USED Figure Skates?

If you are planning to buy inexpensive and low-quality new skates, buying a used good boots and blade would be a better option. The blade should still have sharpening life and the used boot should have support.

When buying figure skates, the above-mentioned tips are the things that you should consider. Do your research and compare prices and quality. Only buy from reputable vendors especially when you are purchasing online. Take your time and never rush!

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