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Home buying is full of excitement, but your confusion can ruin it if you are still not sure what to buy and getting confused between an apartment and a granny flat. We are here to help you to choose the correct option.

What is a granny Flat?

Granny flats are one of the top property features buyers are searching these days as it comes with various features. If you are in search of a realtor, you can simply avail them through granny flat builders in Sydney.

Granny flats are normally separate, self-contained accommodation that is on the same block of land as the main residence. They are purposely built the studio,  one or two-bedroom set which comes with kitchen, bathroom and dining space. The house depends on the interest of the buyer it can be as small as a single bedroom with kitchen and bathroom, on the other hand, it can be big with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, dining space, and garage.

They have various forms including converted garages, sheds etc, or even with few rooms with a small entrance.

As the name suggests, these are often used for aging parents or relative. This can be a great option for a couple or for the kids or teenagers and adults who needs more privacy.

Homeowners don’t require any official approval always to build a granny flat, there are few countries which subject to some restrictions like they are only allowed to build a granny flat up to 60 square meters. These flats can be rented normally like other residence and you will require extra official papers to rent your property.

No maintenance cost, as it is your own home you just pay what you use like electricity, water etc,

What is an apartment?

It is a term referred to a self-contained housing unit located in a building having more than a single household. These have single or more than one bedrooms and can be furnished or unfurnished. It is a housing unit on a floor which contains three or four families on each floor, and apartment consists of ten, fifteen or even more.

Space is comparatively low as there are many families living on a single floor. This apartment can enable the owner to enjoy their privacy, but just in between the four walls, as there are more than a single household living on a single floor. If you want a quality life with proper privacy, this is a bad option as you are not alone on a single floor, other families will try to involve or get involved in various situations, which can be frustrating sometimes.

The maintenance cost of the apartments are much high than any residential house because it is not only yours but various people live together, so even if you do not misuse your stairs or use lifts, you will need to pay the charges.

These are basic differences between the granny flat and other apartments, you can try to read and choose the alternative options for you. If you are looking for a peaceful stay granny flat builders in Sydney can undoubtedly fulfill your dreams.

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