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Get perfect Wine Collection for every occasion!

Every occasion requires its special drink

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is made from Vitis vinifera grapes. The extract is fermented without the addition of sugar, water, acid, or any other nutrients. Wine can be found in different varieties, which include the following:

  • Red wine: This is still wine that is made from black grapes and it can be either light or dark and dry or sweet. Red wine can be best served with a main dish or after the meal.
  • White wine: This is a still wine that is made from green and in some occasions black grapes. It can either be rich and creamy or light and zesty. White wines are best served before the main dish or during early evening as they are light.
  • Rosé wine: This is a still wine that is made from black grapes whose skins have been removed right before they make the wine. This wine can also be made by mixing together red and white wine. It can either be dry or sweet.
  • Sparkling wine: This is a winemaking technique where in the secondary stage of fermentation bubbles are produced. Sparkling wine can either red, white, or rosé. It can range from rich in minerals to sweet.
  • Fortified wine: This wine is made through a winemaking technique that involves the fortifying of wine with spirits. They are normally dry in flavor.

Wine not only pairs well with food, but you also need to match the wine that you take with your specific occasion. Wines are like the strings of a guitar, they play a specific part in creating the harmony of a song. Below are occasions that well deserve the presence of a bottle or glass of wine.

Birthday wines

Birthdays are huge milestones for several people. Just as the saying goes, red wines get better as they age, it is a good way to celebrate life by taking some red wine on your birthday. If you can manage to get your hands on a bottle of wine from your birth year, this can be a sentimental way of celebrating your birthday. It can be a cool and an exciting experience to search for a wine from your birth year.

You can get a mystery aged Coonawarra Merlot wine to commemorate your birthday. If it happens that the celebration is for your kid, you can always purchase wine on the day they were conceived. You can proceed and keep the wine and celebrate their birthday later in life with him/her by opening it. Be sure to share the bottle of wine with them when they are of legal age. Their twenty first birthday would be a good idea.

Graduations wines

Graduation ceremonies are special occasions that mark a worthy cause. Champagne or an aging wine serve as the ideal drinks to celebrate a graduation ceremony. The champagne may be toasted to commemorate the day, it can be popped before the graduation cap and gown are removed by the scholar or graduand. The aging wine can be can be used in place of the champagne, this is totally dependent on the individual. You can get yourself the perfect champagne or aged wine for your graduation ceremony or that of a loved one as a part on the back for a well-deserved achievement.

Date wines

If you are still dating, it may be hectic for you to find the right wine to order for your date night. This is because everything that you do has to be special if you want to impress a loved one. Therefore, some thought needs to go into what wine you will order for during the date. A good glass or bottle of wine will definitely earn you extra points with your date.

Your wine order for this occasion will be dependent on preference. You may need to familiarize yourself with the ordering menu at the restaurant and also find out what he or she may want before recommending options.

If you decide to have your date as a picnic, it would be best to visit a winery first before embarking on the date. Selecting a perfectly aged wine would be most ideal. Be sure to select your wine based on the winery's limited release list. It does not have to be expensive, but ensure it is something out of the ordinary.

Anniversary wines

Anniversaries are celebrations that take place repeatedly over a duration of time. An anniversary may be in commemoration of a wedding, or the day something important happened in your life. Regardless of the reasons we commemorate anniversaries, it is important to ensure that you select a special bottle for such a monumental occasion. This is a good way of showing someone that indeed you do care about them and you had the special day in mind.

If you have a winery, it would be a good idea for you to get the most premium bottle to commemorate this day with your loved one, or if you don't, it would be advisable to visit a renowned winery to do so. Premium wines are a good choice to commemorate such special moments.

If you fancy celebrating an anniversary using champagne, you won't be wrong to pair this special occasion with an excellent bottle of champagne. A Brut will not be a suitor for such a celebration, you need to go in search of either a growers Champagne or a Millésime. A growers Champagne is a type of champagne that is produced by the very same estates that own vineyards where by the grapes are grown.

A Millésime Champagne is a vintage type of champagne that has the grape harvest year indicated on the bottle. Both the grower Champagne and the Millésime Champagne are unique and hard to find given the rare occurrence of their production. This makes them a perfect anniversary gift and a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary.

Regardless of your celebration, the perfect wine and champagne is equally as important as your attire for the day.

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