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Four Tips to Achieve Weight Loss Success

There are many things which you are supposed to take care while designing a strategy for weight loss. I remember a couple of years back after graduating from college; I gained around 25 pounds of weight in six months. The first thing I did was to make a New Year resolution for losing weight. That time because of lack of information I couldn’t make a proper strategy and I was running without direction. After striving for a couple of months Icould not lose those extra pounds. According to the FDA certain health supplements will enhance your weight loss results.

Actually, my resolution was to lose the desired amount of body weight, but motivation was not there. I was cheating on my diet whenever I find doughnut at my office or hanging out with friends I could not resist the temptation of eating high calorie food items. After a couple of years when I have chosen to become a fitness instructor and a dietician, I designed my own strategy for weight loss which I am forwarding to my clients to achieve a healthy and fit body.

Focusing On Your Goals

If you are reading health material proper information about weight loss and there are people around you who are motivating for weight loss, then you can transform your body within the stipulated time frame. Moreover, you are supposed to make an attainable goal for yourself.

Moreover, you can think about that after achieving your desired body weight, you will kick off the letharginess which has engulfed you.

Setting a Specific Goal

Setting a goal for weight loss is a vague term; you are supposed to decide how you want to achieve your weight loss goal? How much you want to lose? I remember that time when I was putting on weight; I was physically inactive and unmotivated. Now I want to stay active and full of energy throughout the day. For this I have to consume a healthy diet and do regular exercise.

Measurable Goals

If you do not make measurable goals, then you are making it difficult for you. Suppose you want to lose 25 pounds of body weight. Make a target to lose a half pound to 1 pound every week. You can track your process by writing down. These little successes will bring momentum in your weight loss regime, your excitement and confidence level will build up and this will motivate you.


In the beginning when I tried to lose weight by designing my own a strategy without proper information. I took a paper and noted down every calorie I consumed, whenever I consume a snack or anything, I consult a food journal to know the calories. This was time-consuming and inconvenient to calculate calories, whenever I feel like eating something. On the other hand, I find online food journal or calorie calculator more convenient. According to the FDA chemical health supplements have negative health effects so it is imperative to consult your physical instructor before using them.

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