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Five Benefits of Hiring Linen Services for Hospitality Businesses

Controlling costs in the hospitality industry is one of the keys to the success of a restaurant or bed and breakfast. A good way to control costs for linens is to rent them from a service rather than buy them. Here are five benefits your business will receive from renting, instead of buying, the linens it needs.

Save More Capital

Instead of spending operating capital on buying towels, bedding, tablecloths, or chef’s coats, you can save money by renting those linens instead. It is crucial to have operating capital to buy needed equipment, pay the lease on your building, or purchase food to prepare for your guests. You can pay a linen service a monthly fee to supply the items you need for guests and staff and have them delivered on weekly basis.

Eliminate the Need for Laundry Facilities

When you purchase linens, you will need a way of keeping them clean, which means having laundry equipment and laundry supplies on site. You will also have to assign employees to keep up with the laundry or do it yourself if you have a small hospitality business. Renting linens makes these needs unnecessary because a service will pick-up your dirty linens every time they deliver clean ones to your business.

Get Replacements as Needed

Instead of being tempted to use frayed or dingy linens due to the cost of replacing them, a linen service like Johnsons Stalbridge will automatically replace them. Since you are renting linens from them, they will supply you with the best ones for your company’s needs because they will take anything frayed, worn out, or stained out of their inventory. They know that in the hospitality industry, appearances are very important to customers, so they will only provide the highest quality linens ordered for your needs.

Save Space

When a business purchases linens for their business needs, storage space will be required to store clean linens and discard dirty ones. Depending on the size of your restaurant, bed and breakfast, or hotel, you may need a considerably-sized storage area for towels, bedding, tablecloths, napkins, and the other linens needed for your customers. However, when linens are rented, you do not need large amounts of storage space, since the linen service will deliver what is needed on a set schedule, meaning that you can set aside a smaller storage area for clean linens.

Save on Energy

By using a linen service for your business, you won’t need to worry about having higher energy costs like you would if buying linens. Since there is no need for a washer, dryer, or other laundry equipment, your energy usage will not rise, meaning your energy bills will be more consistent. You also won’t have the expense of buying laundry supplies if you choose to rent your linens.

It is important to consider all your options when it comes to supplying linens for your business. Calculate the cost difference between renting linens from a service and buying them for your business. For most hospitality businesses, renting linens to supply their needs will be the more economical choice.

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