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What are the Five Advantages of a Luxury Drug Rehab

It is common for drug addicts to go to a public rehab in and out several times and still having the same addiction problems. This makes people think that going to a rehab is worthless and will not do anything to help in eliminating drug addictions. Public rehab has high relapse rate because of the poor condition of the place. At a public rehab, you share room with dozens of other inmates that are addicted to different types of drugs. When you are surrounded by these inmates, you can easily get influenced by them and it will be hard for you to have positive thoughts to motivate you to want to stop taking drugs. Instead of saving money and going to a public rehab, you should go to a luxury rehab. The following are five advantages that you can enjoy at a luxury rehab.

  1. Ideal Location

The top rehab center is situated in a secluded setting that allows you to carry out personal recreational activities in peace. There are all sorts of therapy programs such as equine, adventure, physical rope, behavioral, art and wolf therapy. All the facilities that the clients need will be provided. Some rehab will provide travel arrangement services for patients that are coming from another state. Luxury rehab has much lower relapse rate because of the high quality of treatment you receive there. You will not have to share rooms with others and can stay in your own private room during the treatment. You can temporarily remove yourself from the old environment and move to the luxury rehab until you become fit enough to go back.

  1. Close Medical Supervision

Luxury rehab offers close medical supervision addicts going through the detoxification stage and they are also available to help addicts that experience some complications after the detoxification stage. During detox stage, patients will demonstrate symptoms like tremors and vomiting so the availability of the medical staff to provide on site help during times of emergency is important. You will not just get help in physical removal of the drug chemical from your system but they will also help to heal your mind and spirit from the damages the drug have done to your life.

  1. Low Patient to Staff Ratio

Luxury drug rehab has low patient to staff ratio which means that there will always be enough staff to supervise the patient. The private rehab is equipped with a comprehensive range of staff from counselor to paramedics, doctors and therapists. These staff are among the best in the industry so you can expect to best result for your addiction recovery treatment. The staff is knowledgeable and knows how to take care of patients that are addicted to different types of drugs. The staff is skilled in persuading stubborn patients to accept treatment.

  1. Small Program Size

At a private rehab, there will not be as many people enrolling at one time compared to a public rehab. The smaller program size enables patients to quickly know one another. When the patients know one another well, they will be able to feel a friendly atmosphere which makes them more comfortable. Patients can always tell any problem they are facing to others in the rehab so that they don’t feel forlone. Having someone you can talk to is greatly beneficial especially when you are still in the early stage of the treatment program.

  1. One-on-One Counseling

One-on-one counseling plays an important role in the recovery of the drug addict patients. Every week, patients will spend a few hours with the private counselor. The private counseling session at the luxury drug rehab aims to help patients who are overdosing on drugs or drinking too much and demonstrating aggressive behaviors that can harm themselves or others. One on one counseling can protect clients who feel uncomfortable sharing their addiction problems with other participants who are also engaged in illicit substance abuse.


In conclusion, luxury rehab is suitable for anyone who are willing to spend just some extra money in exchange for a full recovery of their drug addiction. You can find luxury rehab in places like Malibu in California, Florida, and Utah as well as in large metropolitan city like New York.

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