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How Filtered Water is an Effective Remedy for Allergies

Allergies are one of the most widely prevalent health problems across the world. The common ones affect the skin, eyes, digestive, and respiratory organs. Allergies usually attack the immune system and cause reactions which may vary from mild to serious ones. People are generally able to identify the triggers which cause these reactions. These triggers may be present in the air, water, food, or medicines. Many of these allergies are attributed to the presence of chemicals in the water that you use every day for drinking, cooking, and bathing. While drinking water can trigger digestive and respiratory allergies, bathing water may be responsible for sore eyes, skin rashes, and eczema. Prolonged use of toxin-infused water can cause premature ageing too.

It is ironical that the chemicals which are added to purify the water end up causing allergies. Here are some of the allergy-inducing chemicals that are commonly present in water supplies:

Chlorine: Chlorine is added as a disinfectant to kill germs. But it causes havoc on human skin and hair. People who have sensitive skin are prone to rashes, dryness, and itching, as the chemical robs the skin of natural oils. Studies have also shown that chlorine weakens the digestive function by destroying the intestinal gut bacteria, vitamin E, and polyunsaturated acids.

Heavy Metals: The presence of heavy metals such as copper, lead, zinc, iron, and magnesium in tap water is also a major cause of skin allergies. Even minute quantities of these heavy metals can cause oxidative damage to the skin.

Fluoride: Another mineral added to water supplies for killing disease-causing bacteria is fluoride. The mineral is hyped because it prevents tooth decay. But it has been proved to cause skin allergies in the long run.

In addition to these chemicals, water may also contain industrial wastes, contaminants, pesticides, and more. These are lurking enemies which bring several health hazards including allergies. Being aware and knowing your triggers is extremely important so that these issues can be nipped in the bud.

Allergy Relief With Filtered Water

The human immune system is naturally adapted to respond to foreign chemicals and substances that enter it. The response comes in the form of allergic reactions that are characterized by symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, redness, and itching of skin and eyes. The allergies may even take serious forms if not treated. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures against them.

Using distilled/bottled water is one option, but it is expensive and not feasible in the long run. A better and more affordable option is to install a water filter and use filtered water. Franke triflow filter is a widely acclaimed product that can be trusted to bring pure, clean, and chemical-free water at your home.

Switching over to filtered water can bring effective allergy relief. Most of the water filters employ multi-step filtration. As the name suggests, they remove different kinds of impurities at different stages. The visible impurities like suspended particles and sediments are cleared first, followed by removal of chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, and minerals. The filters which use Reverse Osmosis technology even get rid of pesticides and toxins. The pure and clean water so obtained is gentle on the skin and organs, reducing the possibility of allergic reaction to the minimum.

Investing in franke water filter taps is a great idea as it ensures good health for the entire family. While kitchen filter taps are must-have for every home, the process of water purification can be taken a step further by opting for whole house filters. These filters get you chemical-free water for bathing too. As a result, you can protect yourself from skin allergies and keep your skin youthful and radiant.

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