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Expert Help with Travel Insurance and Existing Medical Conditions

As is the case with some other insurance plans, you can’t be sure your pre-existing conditions are covered by travel insurance. In fact, most travel insurance policies include emergency medical expenses and will help you return home but the plan doesn’t necessarily extend to medical conditions that you already have. You must disclose those issues and the insurance company must agree to provide cover for them.

If you’re considering a holiday and have concerns about having your conditions covered, you’d be wise to work with one of the leaders in this sector. They provide a catalogue of specialist insurers who offer insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Without specific cover, you could find yourself paying for healthcare abroad and for repatriation out of your own funds. The total could amount to thousands of pounds.

Start Here

You can learn more about this type of plan and read about the various plans offered by visiting the website of a company staffed by a team of experts in medical travel insurance. They have extensive experience in this industry with a platform that hosts an array of insurance products specifically targeted to medical needs while travelling. They take great pride in assisting individuals who need to find appropriate cover at competitive rates.

The website is more than a menu of insurance products, however. These professionals also have a goal of helping people make informed decisions about this type of cover so they also make a series of helpful articles available for your benefit. As you browse, you’ll learn which conditions fall into the pre-existing class, which is essential information for travellers. When you’re looking for travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, you’re on the right track.

In basic terms, a pre-existing condition is any medical condition that existed before you finalised the policy. It’s necessary to complete a medical screening process when applying for travel insurance. You must answer the questions about your health honestly, including conditions for which you’re taking prescribed medication. This may include heart, circulatory, respiratory, stroke, or cancerous conditions, even if the condition no longer affects your life currently.

Don’t Assume

When you’re completing the application, don’t assume that this condition will not affect you or cause a problem while you’re abroad. If you don’t inform the insurer, your policy could be deemed invalid and you could find that you’re liable for the expenses. As you consider this issue, you should make sure you understand the base rate for standard holiday insurance, which is based on age, destination, and length of time you’ll be away.

There will be an additional cost to cover existing medical conditions based on the answers you give during the medical screening process. This determines the level of insurance cover you require. When you browse the site, pay particular attention to the Travel Insurance Destinations Guide to find out more about healthcare in countries that may affect your premium.

You don’t have to make phone contact with a number of companies to get the best quote. Just visit the site maintained by these experts and gather all the information you’ll need to make a wise decision. Start your travel insurance education today.

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