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Exercise can keep you healthy in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy thing but not a very easy thing to deal with. In these nine months of tenure one has to be very careful in what they do, how they do and what they eat.

Even if they face physical problems and illness during pregnancy they have to consult a doctor to know what the best medicine for pregnancy is. But, in order to stay healthy during this time one can follow certain healthy regimes. Doing a bit of exercise is definitely a part of a healthy regime even in pregnancy. One might think that it is difficult to do exercises during pregnancy but if you are in the hand of a right trainer then this can keep your body flexible and minimises your labour pain.

Exercise leads you towards healthy pregnancy and whenever a pregnant woman consults a gynaecologist, they advice at least 20 minutes to half an hour of regular but light regime of exercise. Here are some benefits of doing exercise regularly while you are pregnant.

  • Once you get pregnant, your energy level tends to get lower. That’s why pregnant women fail to cope up with their daily tasks as they feel lethargic. If they start doing exercises, then it strengthens their cardio vascular system and so one does not get tired that easily. You also get strong and toned muscles in return. But if you are thinking of doing treadmill or taking the swimming pool, then ask your doctor first whether it is okay to do that.
  • The best time for doing exercise is before you go to sleep. It relaxes your body and you can get a sound sleep which is very important in pregnancy. The other time that you can choose for exercise is in the morning after you wake up. This will instantly make a book in your energy system and you will get all the energy to work throughout the day.
  • There are many studies that have revealed that doing regular exercise can actually reduce a lot of pregnancy related complications. In fact there is a less chance of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia during this. But if you avoid physical activities then this can lead to higher risks.
  • If you are in a regular regime of exercise, it will strengthen your muscles. So, you can better be able to cope with the pains and aches that happen due to pregnancy. If you do stretches and yoga on a regular basis, then it can reduce your back pain and improves the circulation in your body. On the other hand swimming can strengthen the power of abdominal muscles.
  • Exercising on a regular basis can lower your stress level. You can also hand mood swings better which is a common thing in pregnancy. It keeps you in better spirits.

Pregnancy medication list can include a lot of safe medicines which the doctors will prescribe you. But exercising works as a natural medicine which keeps you healthy and strong.

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