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Effective Window Treatment Ideas to Lower Your Energy Bills

Window treatment can cut down your energy bill in some different ways.  They achieve this by blocking the sun out during summer seasons when the amount of sunlight turns out to excessive heat and allows sunlight during winter seasons. Besides, they enhance insulation by creating an additional layer of still air between the window and the indoors thus regulating heat transfer during hot and cold seasons. This way you will not be forced to put lights on during winter or put the air conditioner during summer seasons. The following are some of the treatment types you can give to your windows.


Window shades are one of the most effective and simplest ways to cut down your energy costs. To create a sealed air space, your shades should be installed as close to your glass windows as possible with shadow sides held close to the wall. During the summer season, you should lower the shades on your sunlit windows, while during the winter season the south sided shades are raised during day time and lowered during the night. Consider using heat absorbing (dark) shades and reflective (white) ones for greater efficiency. During cold seasons the highly reflective side should directed downward while the dark side should be raised and vice versa.

Shades come in different types. This ranges from Roman shades, roller, sheer, pleated, solar and woven wood shades. Depending on your preference and individual needs, all these types of shades will help you reduce your energy bills as well as regulating the amount of heat penetrating your room. However, some types of roman shades and quilted roller shades have sealed edges and several fiber batting layers. They act as air barriers and insulators and have the capability of regulating air infiltration more effectively as compared to soft window treatments.


Blinds are known to reduce heat gain during summer seasons by 45%. Interior or exterior blinds help regulate the amount of heat in your home while maintaining the desired light and privacy. Compared to internal blinds, exterior shades are more effective. They ensure that heat has been barred before it is transmitted through your windows and heats up the room.

There are different types of blinds to choose for your project. This ranges from wood, metal and faux. Typically, wood blinds are just natural wood splines that are either stained or painted. Due to their simplicity in construction and ease of use, wood blinds make classical treatments by complementing many design styles. These blinds come in different sizes depending on the degree of control regarding light and privacy. To add a stylish look you can use a layer of your wood blinds topped with valance or drapery.

The other type of blind you will find in the market today is the faux wood blinds. Due to their efficiency, appealing, affordability and easy maintenance, most people prefer installing these blinds compared to just wood blinds. However, these blinds feel and have the same look like wood blinds. The only difference is that they are durable and less expensive.

Whether you are planning to cut down your energy bills, control the amount of air or light penetrating into your room or regulating your room temperatures, consider working with experts in window treatment solutions. Nashua Wallpaper Design Center is one of the online home improvement companies which offer energy efficient window treatments.  You will get to enjoy their broad range of window treatment solutions.

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