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Concepts of Bhakti Yoga Devotion

Yoga is an exercise which targets around half of the population. Yoga began around 3000 to 4000 years ago. Yoga word comes from Sanskrit and the meaning is to join, integrate or union. About 6 million people in the U.S do yoga, they also believe in doing yoga is a betterment of the body. All the body parts combine stretched when you do the basic yoga. We probably have heard from the doctor that yoga is the best practice for our fitness, in our homes we might have seen our elders performing yoga or in nearest institution.

Scope of Bhakti Yoga

Traditionally, women used to stay at home and upper-caste men used to undertake serious spiritual study. However, irrespective of gender or class, all the people embraced bhakti practices. Lower castes women don’t embrace in the narratives of this time that much, but they take keen interests in bhakti traditions in India. This shows the democratic spirit of devotion. Bhakti yoga is one of the six types of yoga revered throughout the history the path which will lead you to the full consciousness of your true nature. The other path leads you to the self realization of hatha yoga transitition of the individual cognizance through a practice that starts in the body. It has three parts: a series of exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques. Yoga has lots of simplicity and it consistently keeps you fit and fine. You can try individually some of the basic yoga postures and get an instant relaxation.

Yoga of Devotion

We are not able to control our emotions at some point of time. Emotions can be felt in different forms, sometimes you feel loved and humbled and sometimes you are like rude or nasty. Yoga of Devotion is like a spiritual form which transforms your negativity into positivity. We see the intense lovers who have fallen in love with each other. They do not care about the people or do not care what is happening in the world. They make their feeling pleasant and people start blaming them and start thinking they are unrealistic. The same is for a devotee. We can also call it as the advanced version of love affair where one can expect a response from the God

Bhakti Yoga Meditation

In schools our teacher makes us to meditate in the morning as it is the best practice we can follow daily. It is the direct connection to the divined love and you can feel the inner soul of your body, through intellectual process of meditation. It demands the observation of thought, elimination, and cessation. Bhakti Yoga Meditation removes all the negative thoughts in your mind and purifies your heart and mind with the intellectual process of longing. It is very useful to all of us to meditate every day. It has been said by the greatest people, make your goal to love Radha Krishna, the form of divine love.

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