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There are many people who are unaware about rekeying, there could be many reasons you will want to change the lock or the key. You might have lost the original or given a copy to a person whom you no longer trust or you have moved to a new house where you need to change the locks for your own safety. A maximum number of people think that after moving to a new house, they are only left with an option to change the lock, but you can simply rekey the necessary doors with emergency locksmith in Sydney and avail simple solution.

What is lock changing?

It is important to understand what is lock changing before you can choose between locks changing and rekeying. Changing a complete lock means removing the locking mechanism physically and replacing it with the other new lock. New locks will come with a new set of keys and you will be ready to use the new locks right away.


There are some cases when it becomes necessary to change the lock instead of rekeying, for example, if the lock has been somehow damaged or broken, it won’t be possible to rekey it, you will have to change it completely.  If you are using a particular lock for a longer time, sometimes it becomes impossible to find the parts of the existing locks, hence, it becomes easy to opt for the new lock rather than searching for the parts. Sometimes older locks become weaker and your locksmith will be able to tell you whether you need to change the lock or just rekey it.

What is Rekeying?

In this method, the basic locking device remains the same and you also keep the same locking cylinder, but your keys change. Expert locksmith adjusts the pins within the locking cylinder so that they match the new keys. This method allows you to keep your old door lock and provides less hassle than changing the complete lock.


Rekeying is the much more economical option if your lock is not old or damaged. Rekeying involves changing of fewer parts so you don’t spend much, it is little complicated for most of the people as they are not aware of the technique and can’t do themselves. Hiring a locksmith in this situation can make the job easier , as they are knowledgeable and more experienced.

Locksmith for Rekeying and changing locks

If you want to do the job on your own you can find many instructional videos to learn the simple tips, but it can be little tempting the best option is to hire an experienced locksmith to complete the job for you. A properly functioning lock will be only able to protect your house from the unwanted guests, to allow the locks to function properly right installation is crucial. If you buy a quality lock and do not install properly, it is of no use.

Installing a lock or rekeying it is more complex than it seems and everyone wants to ensure that it works properly. To get your job done in a perfect manner you can contact Residential Locksmith in Sydney and get the best services for your safety

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