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Coimbatore, the picturesque city in South India

This city is often called the 'Manchester of South India', the reason behind it being the city’s picturesque view. Located on the banks of River Noyyal, it has an array of natural attractions. Other than that it is also the sparkling hub of industry.

Coimbatore is the second largest city that is present in Tamil Nadu. The city has many offerings with respect to the tourist sites. The city is filled with religious sites like temples and churches and apart from that one can also see many dams and a bustling industry.

The city has various places that one can visit. One can hire a Coimbatore taxi and visit places like Monkey Falls, KovaiKutralam falls, Vydehi falls, and Siruvani Falls and Dam. One can also visit culturally rich temples like Ayyappan Temple, AnubhaviSubramaniar Temple, etc.

Though Coimbatore is the world in itself, there are some places nearby that one should visit as well. Some being:



This city is situated on the side of the beach. It is a commercial port present in Kerala which has a trading history which dates back to more than 600 years. It is the financial capital of Kerala and even today most of the trade for the country happens from here.

From Coimbatore, it is at a distance of 190.1kms away and one can reach this city by hiring a Coimbatore to Kochi taxi.

Some of the must visit places in Kochi are:

Jewish Synagogue:This is among the 7 synagogues that are located in this area. This is the only Jewish synagogue which is running and is in operation today. Built in 1568, this place is also called the Cochin Jewish Synagogue or Mattancherry Synagogue.

Veeranpuzhalake and Backwaters:It is a beautiful lake that is present in Kochi. It lies along with a series of brackish lagoons. Along with the brackish lagoons, one can also find lakes lying parallel to the coast of Malabar. This coast also forms the beautiful backwaters.

Vasco Da Gama Square:There are many stalls that have been serving various edibles in this area. Some of the most popular food items in this area are nuts, coconuts, ice-creams and seafood.

One can come here and enjoy the local scenery of this place.  One can also enjoy the scene of local fisherman fishing along the shoreline.


At 118.4kms away from Coimbatore, one can reach this place by hiring cabs from Coimbatore to Palani.Palani, which is also famously known as Pazhani, is a town and also a municipality present in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

Palani houses one of the most sacred shrines of the Lord Muruga. He is a worshiped deity in the Hindu sect of Kaumaram. The Thandayudhapani Temple has been made and is dedicated entirely to Lord Murugan. It is believed that one of his ArupadaiVeedu (Six Battle Camps), is situated in this city.

This temple is situated on top of a hill which is known as Sivagiri. There is one more temple located at the foot of the hill dedicated to Muruga.

Besides this, right around the foot of the hill, one can also find a small temple like shrine which has been dedicated to Lord Ganesha. He is known as PadaVinayakar and people bow down in that temple before climbing up the hill.

Along with a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh, one can also find temples that have been dedicated to Goddess Parvathi wherein, here she is called Lord Periyanayaki Amman. One can also visit a temple nearby that has been dedicated to Lord Shiva who is known as Lord PeriyaAvudaiyar.

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