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We Can Bet You Did Not Know This!

12 Tips You Didn't Know About Healthy Hair

When you have a vibrant, shiny, and strong hair, it boosts your confidence making your self-esteem high, ready to face the world. Maintaining your hair is easy if you are following the right steps. Here are the 12 hair care techniques that will keep your hair healthy, shiny and long.

  1. When Should You Wash Your Hair?

You always make the mistake of thinking you need to wash your hair daily, but washing hair frequently may dry hair out, or it might be too much to cope with the product. You should always wash your hair at least twice a week. The more your hair is processed, curlier, longer, and thicker, the longer it may go between washes. If your hair type gets oily fast and you are forced to wash daily, then you can use shampoos that have milder detergents.

  1. Use Hair Conditioner

You should always use a hair conditioner after you shampoo, avoid walking out of the shower without it, because if you decide to skip this step, it may cause your hair to be frizzy. Hair conditioner moisturizes your hair; it makes it softer and easy to manage. Also, your hair becomes easier to brush after showering; this prevents damaging your hair.

The conditioner should only be applied to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair; they aren’t intended for the scalp. When starting to condition your hair, it should be two inches away from the scalp, because if the conditioner goes too much on the scalp, it will be greasy. You can also frequently use deep conditioning treatment, such as coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, and olive.

  1. Use Same Line Conditioner and Shampoo

You should choose a conditioner and shampoo from the same line and stick to it because they have a formulation that is similar. They are made for a particular type of hair and a particular purpose. You will get better results if you decide to use a single line instead of using two individual products.

  1. Brush Your Hair Properly

Wet hair is usually sensitive to damage than dry hair; it can break easily. Most women do not brush their hair correctly. You should not brush your hair from the roots down, instead always start from the ends. When your hair dries, you should avoid unnecessary handling, combing or brushing. Always avoid combing through your hair using your fingers while the hair is still wet. Doing this may cause damage and loss of hair. Comb your hair after showering, to remove any tangles. You should always start coming at the bottom, working your way up. Always brush your hair outwards.

  1. Do Not Over Apply Heat on Your Hair

You shouldn't use heat on your hair. The heat removes the moisture from your hair and makes it frizzy and dry. When you overuse the heat, it can burn your hair. You should only use curl/iron, straighteners when necessary.

  1. Pat Dry

While washing your hair, you should never rub them dry. Because if you do, you'll yank your hair and damage the ends and roots. The recommended way to dry your hair is that you should pat them dry. Usually, pat-dying can be a long process, but it's good because it's gentle on your hair and more effective.

  1. Eating Right

When you are healthy, your hair looks much better. You should eat healthily, make sure you give your hair the number of vitamins it requires. Because your hair is made of proteins, you should be eating a balanced diet that is rich in lean protein, vegetables, and whole grain. When you eat a healthy diet, you'll have hair that feels and look better. You should make sure that you eat a lot of vitamin C because it strengthens your hair.

Iron helps in transporting oxygen to your blood vessels, omega-3 fatty acids make your hair grow healthy, and zinc repairs and grows tissue. You should wait for some time for your hair to show the new brilliance. The food you eat will not have an immediate effect on the hair that you are already having; you have to wait for the newly growing hair to see the results. If you aren't able to get enough from your diet, you should use supplements.

  1. Cold Water Is Good for Your Hair

You should use cold water when washing your hair. The water should be at room temperature. Never use hot water because it will affect your hair just like the heat styling method does.

  1. Keep Showers Short

Taking showers that are prolonged will do more harm than good. Always try to keep showers short. Experts say that if your shower time lasts more than 10 minutes, you wash away oils that are essential for your hair.

  1. Do Not Brush Too Much

You should not brush your hair too much. When you brush your hair, it usually stimulates the follicles responsible for promoting growth. But when you brush too much and too often, you'll cause damage to the hair strands that result in split ends and frizz.

  1. Oil Your Scalp Regularly

You should oil your hair as often as you can, it's good for your hair, but make sure you don't overdo it. When you have oil dripping from your hair, you will be forced to use a lot of shampoo to remove it; this will strip out lots of your natural oils.

  1. Live a Stress-Free Life

Mental and physical stressors normally keep your hair from reaching its full potential. If you are stressed, it can lead to hair loss. Always try not to allow stress overwhelm you. You can find emotional outlets that are healthy to get rid of your stress. For instance, meditation, biking, jogging, aerobics and other forms of exercise.

To conclude, now that you have known about these 12 steps, I hope that you are ready for your journey to healthier hair.

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