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Best and Quick Hangover Cures

You gone wild on party last night and now suffering from hangover? You don’t need to worry about it. You are at a right stop. Here you will find quickest hangover cures.

First of all you need to understand why you have a hangover after a party night. Hangover is actually due to excessive intake of alcohol. Excess of everything is bad and excess of alcohol is worse for your body. Alcohol removes the essential nutrients and electrolytes from your body. It also removes water from your body and as a result dehydration takes places. The removal of all the essential nutrients lead to hangover. The common symptoms of hangover include vomiting, head and body ache, nausea, dizziness and lose motion. You need to get rid of all these things.

Here we have list of Best and Quickest Hangover Cures. Have a look.


It is necessary to maintain the appropriate amount of water in your body. If the water is removed from your body, dehydration takes place and as a result you don’t feel well. Alcohol leads to dehydration and hangover happens. You need to carefully tackle the pain ethanol gives you. Drink a lot of water for rehydration to neutralize effects of alcohol. Water is quickest hangover cure.


Sprite boosts up your body energy. According to Chinese researchers, sprite has ability to increase metabolism of human body and also speeds up ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase.


Asparagus contains essential electrolyte like potassium. It break up the alcohol present in your body and neutralized its effect. The presence of alcohol in your body for a long time can cause harm.

Ginger or Peppermint Tea

Ginger or Peppermint Tea treats nausea and stomach ache. According to the researchers, if you drink appropriate amount of tea, much of your nausea and lose motion that result due to ingress of alcohol in your body, is recovered and you feel well.

Bananas and pretzels

Bananas and pretzels in combination are quickest hangover cure. These fruits contain potassium. Drinking alcohol depletes potassium and other salts from your body. Thus Bananas and pretzels help you I getting rid of hangover.


Coffee boosts up your energy. It contains antioxidants that react against toxic chemicals that are present in alcohol. It helps you in getting rid from headache. Thus, you feel better.


Aspirin contains Anit-inflammatory ingredients that overcome harmful effects of alcohol and enables you in getting out of bed after a crazy party night.

Orange juice

Orange Juice contains Vitamin C, thus it maintains level of Vitamin V in your body. It also recovers nausea resulting from ingress of alcohol. It rehydrates your body.


Onions are high in sugar. They maintain blood sugar level and increase metabolism of human body.


Oats provide sufficient energy to human body. They contain Vitamin B, Calcium and Magnesium. They maintain blood sugar level.


Exercise is fastest hangover cure. By exercise, it doesn’t mean you need to go to gym. Sweating by a few pushups can cure your hangover.

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