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The Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings for Your Home

Respite from the intensity of the sun here in Australia is needed more often than not, whether inside or outside your home. Whilst indoors you have the option of utilising an air conditioning system but when outdoors, you’re often left to the mercy of your sun screen and a parasol.

Luckily, parasols aren’t the only option for those of you who would like to make the most of your garden spaces. Read on and we’ll tell you all about the folding awning

What is a Folding Arm Awning?

The term awning refers to any cover usually attached to the outside face of a building or structure. Typically made from fabric or vinyl, most awnings are retractable via the use of automatic controlsin conjunction with a suitable motor or a manually operated hand crank.

The chosen cover will sit within a frame that is bolted to the building which can be extended to provide shade for those sitting below. The arm reference used within this type of awning refers specifically to how the cover is retracted and deployed.

Escape the Heat and Direct Sun Exposure

Too much of a good thing is certainly possible through direct exposure to the sun during the height of summer. You will often find that the highest UV protection based sun screens still won’t be enough to protect your skin from severe burns.

In addition, direct solar gain from the sun can often leave people feeling sticky, hot and flustered which is no way to enjoy your garden. Sitting underneath an awning will allow you to feel the benefits of warm weather whilst keeping you comfortable and protecting your health.

Reduce Your ElectricityConsumption

Air conditioning is considered to be a necessity for Australian homeowners through the summer season. And whilst it does a great job of keeping us cool, high loads are a cause for high energy bills.

Installing an awning system to the external elevation of your property which provides shade for your windows is going to reduce the ability for the sun’s rays to enter your home, keeping the interior cooler and allowing your AC system to work much more efficiently.


Create Usable Space

Even though outside, most of us consider our gardens to be an extension of our homes. Some of us don’t use them as often as we would like as unpredictable weather can ruin even the most enthusiastic of barbeques.

Installing folding awnings will provide you with an outdoor space which you can use year round, come rain or shine.

Ease of Operation

Depending on the type of system you specify, you have the choice of both manual and automatic operation.

The hand crank is the tried and tested method which will provide years of reliable service with a remote control option for those who enjoy the simplicity of not having to leave their chairs.

Request a Quotation

Sun protect for the home and garden is commonplace across Australia so you should have no trouble finding a suitable supplier. Folding arm awnings in Melbourne are available through one of several companies operating in and around the city so get in touch with a couple for a quotation. Costs should be competitive if you shop around and most companies also offer roller blinds and shutters if required.

Hiding under a parasol will soon be a thing of the past when you install your own folding awning system.

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