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Normal glass pipes have no physical differences than a tobacco pipe. Though, marijuana pipes are made up of glass while the tobacco pipes are generally made from the variety of components. If you are novice it can be hard to find the glass pipes because there are many pipes in the market and you can end up buying a wrong pipe. Therefore, it will be best to buy Australian glass pipes online, here you can get the variety of pipes at a reasonable rate and also of a good quality. You can also read the following to know the types of glass pipes available.

Types of glass pipes


This is one of the most basic pipe and the most basic shape of glass pipe available in the market. These are small, simple glass tubes, normal users smoke material into the end and apply flame and inhale. There is no carburetor to purify the smoke, so the smoke is not easily cleared and they are suitable only for small amounts of tobacco or herb blends.


These spoons are slightly more sophisticated that the chillums as they have a carburetor. After is produced, the smoke becomes stale in a matter of seconds. Carburetors on glass pipes are much more like a carburetor on early automobiles which allows additional air to be drawn in. In a spoon pipe, the carburetor is a simple hole. When the hole is covered, incoming air is drawn through the bowl and burning material. This draws smoke into the glass pipe. When the hole is uncovered, air enters through the carburetor because it is the path of least resistance which allows all of the smoke in the pipe to be inhaled rapidly. Smokers agree that glass pipes with carburetors produce fresher smoke than those without them.

Stream rollers

Steamrollers have glass fittings on one side of the pipe. Both ends of the pipe are left open and end near the bowl functions as the carburetor. Some steam strollers have chambers between the bowl and the mouthpiece allows the smoke to be rolled to enhance cooling. Steamrollers have a reputation for hard, hot, rips but with practice, they are wonderful smoking pipes, these steamrollers are not recommended for beginners.

Gandalf Pipes

These pipes are named after the iconic pipes smoked by the literary figures. The classic Gandalf pipe has a large bowl with a gracefully arching stem. The bottom of the bowl is often flattened which allows the pipe to stand freely when not held. These pipes are similar except that it has an elongated stem. These pipes may or may not have a carburetor. Like the chillums, spoon pipes and steamrollers, these pipes produce an unfiltered smoke that can taste harsh because of the included tars and resins.


Bubbler pipes filter out the harsh taste of the tars and resins. Bubblers, or water pipes, diffuse the smoke through water before it is inhaled. These pipes remove tar and resin and cause the smoke to taste smoother. Cold water is standard but the chamber is sometimes filled with hot water sometimes.

These are different types of pipes found in the market, you can buy according to your choice. If you want to get the best quality Australian glass pipes you can buy from bongs online and get best quality pipes.

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