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8 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Home Business

Twitter is one the best social media platforms to market your home business. The platform has more than 200 million users who check their accounts every month. Many business owners are reluctant to explore Twitter as a marketing tool thinking their tweets will be invisible in millions of tweets sent every day. Despite a large number of tweets on the platform, you can reach your target customers on Twitter if you do it the right way. Here is a guide on how to use twitter to market your home business.

1. Give Full Information of your Business on your Bio

Some customers may never read your tweets, but will check your bio before following you. Use concise words to describe your business and products. Your bio should encourage people to seek more information about your business. Include a link to your website and other social media accounts as well.

2. Interact with Key Players in your Target Market Regularly

Identify key individuals and organizations in your target market and industry on the platform. Reply and share their tweets regularly. Your bio and tweets will become more visible as they retweet and reply to your tweets. Your focus in these interactions should be building relationships with them and not promoting your products.

3. Ask your Followers to Share your Tweets

Do not shy away from asking your followers to retweet, favorite, or mention your tweets in their accounts. You can reach many more customers will this approach.

4. Monitor your Mentions

Track all the mentions of your business on the platform and respond politely to each mention. Customers may choose to tweet their complaints or concerns about your business on Twitter. Do not ignore their mentions even if their tweets are negative. Respond politely and learn how to turn conversations to your advantage.

5. Tweet Daily

Engage your followers every day with interesting topics on the platform. A good profile should have daily tweets and interactions. Ensure that your tweets have relevant, interesting, and accurate content. You can choose to focus on one topic in a day and engage your followers on it. Remember to respond and re-tweet their replies.

6. Track Hashtags and Trending Topics

New topics emerge on Twitter every day. Most of them revolve around recent events. Tweet about trending topics and use the corresponding hashtags for each topic. Your brand will be visible to all users following the trending topics. Do not overuse hashtags or attach them to irrelevant content because they can be marked as spam.

7. Attach Videos and Images to your Tweets

Social media users are attracted to images and videos. More users click on images and videos than on plain text. They are also likely to share such content. Rarely do businesses get negative feedback on videos and images.

8. Promote your Tweets

Companies such as Sun Bingo have increased their popularity on Twitter through regular and promoted tweets. Promoted tweets can help you reach thousands of new users. Make sure that the promoted tweets do not appear as spam or run for too long.

You can promote your home business on Twitter and attract new customers if you use the platform effectively. Your brand will be visible if you tweet relevant content regularly, engage your followers, and promote some of your tweets. Follow daily or weekly trending topics, key influencers, and hashtags to reach more users with your tweets.

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