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7 Things to Avoid Before Your ICSE Exams

There are plenty of tips available on how to prepare for ICSE exams, best tips to revise for the examination, and so on. You already know what the best approach to prepare for the examinations is. In the journey, we often ignore the negative aspects or things that should be avoided. Thus, we decided to curate content on the seven things that you should definitely avoid before your ICSE exams. These tips will ensure that your performance in ICSE exams is not compromised.

Don’t ignore Sleep

When the exams approach near, students tend to get nervous. Under stressed circumstances, they worry about the syllabus or the exam. In a bid to read extensively, they compromise with their sleep. According to various research and studies, it has been proved that lack of sleep can affect your efficiency adversely. Thus, you should sleep for at least 6-8 hours during the night, and take 20-40 minutes nap in the afternoon.

Don’t eat Junk Food

Kids are prone to temptations, delicious food being one of them. However, the street food or fast food may look tempting but it is not always nutritious. Roadside vendors or other fast food joints have unhygienic conditions that contaminate the food with microbes. These microorganisms can attack your immune system, thus, making you ill. You should avoid hogging junk food before your examinations.

Don’t read something new

Instead of reading something extra for the examination, we recommend revising the already read content. This will help you in memorizing the content in an efficient manner. Further, you can emphasize on important chapters and topics as well. When you read new content, you get confused, and you may even forget the previously read information.

Don’t stop practicing Mock Tests

Practicing mock tests will guarantee an applauding success in the ICSE exams. There are various websites, such as ResPaper and Toppr, which provide well-defined mock papers. When practicing mock papers, you actually practice the type of questions that will come in the main exam. Further, it helps you in revising the syllabus content as well. When you practice previous year solved ICSE examination papers, you elevate chances of scoring better marks than your counterparts.

Keep Yourself Safe from Injury

You like playing football but it can be detrimental when exams are near. Playing outdoor sports, hiking & trekking, or any outdoor activity can result in an injury. To avoid this prospect, you should stop playing or participating in an activity that can cause injury. After your exams, you can play as much as you can. But you should take precautions before and during the exam.

Don’t waste your Time

If you cannot respect time, you will be nothing but a loser. This may sound harsh but this is the ultimate truth. If you spend time wandering with your friends before the ICSE exam, your performance will suffer. You should devote time to studies and recreational activities rather than unimportant activities. Learn to manage time before the exam if you want to obtain an invincible score.

Don’t listen to Amateur Advices

Everyone likes to give advice but only a few abide by them. You should be smart enough to analyze what’s reliable and what’s not. Don’t trust people who are not from your field. If you really want to take advice, you should rely on your teachers, parents, and tutors. There may be numerous well-wishers but their advice may not work for you.

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