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6 Ways to Protect Yourself from EMF

Electricity and technology surround us; it’s impossible to ‘switch off’ from this constant electronic noise. Whether it’s a cell phone or a TV, a power line or a plan, a stereo or even just a bedside clock; all these devices emit some level of electromagnetic frequency, or have an electromagnetic field (EMF).

Experts have documented certain negative health effects that are caused by chronic exposure to EMFs. These health problems range from headaches and fatigue to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. EMFs cause electromagnetic radiation, which is known to interfere with the normal workings of the body including disrupting the body clock and hormone functions. There are many health implications but you can do something to protect yourself by taking steps to guard against unnecessary exposure to EMFs.

  1. Get Grounded

It can actually help when you spend time directly connected to the ground outside on a natural surface. This helps the body combat negative energy and can also lead to less stress and an improvement in the immune system. Try to walk barefoot when you can, connecting yourself to the natural elements.

  1. Use a Protective Pendant

One of the ways you can protect against electromagnetic radiation is to wear a device that shields you from certain frequencies. You can buy pendants that help achieve this aim, as well as other accessories such as wrist bands and watches.

  1. Protect Against Your Phone

Your cell phone is a relatively strong emitter of electromagnetic radiation and it is more problematic when you keep it close to your body, so try not to carry your phone around with you in your pocket; put it in a bag instead. Also, keep your phone on flight mode when you are not using it, and buy cell phone radiation protection – a gadget that minimises the impact of EMFs from mobile phones.

  1. Shield Your Home

You can also buy shields for your house that protect against the high levels of EMFs that build up due to being in close proximity to a neighbour’s wireless router, or many different electrical appliances.

  1. Unplug Your Appliances

If you are not using an appliance, take out the plug. You waste energy when you have something plugged in but not working, and these appliances are also emitting higher levels of EMFs.

  1. Minimise Laptop Risks

Laptops are problematic for EMFs so don’t use one on your lap, and try to limit your time spent using the laptop while the battery is charging. You could use a keyboard plugged into the laptop to move your hands to a safer distance.

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