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6 Causes Of Grey Hair and How To Stop It

Hair growth takes place when the new hair follicles push the old cells. This process can be divided into three stages, growth, cessation and rest. When your hair is growing at the same time, it is injected with pigments, which are responsible to give color. As you, age the amount of pigment, which is being injected, is reduced. This is the reason of premature grey hair at young age. The following factors are responsible for grey hair, which you need to take care of.


Genetics play a significant role in determining that when your hair will turn grey. Some people experience it before the age of 20, whereas some people stay black until 50 years of age.

Deficiency of melanin

Generally, there is a deficiency of melanin, which is responsible to cause hair whitening. The production of melanin depends on a couple of things. Nutritional imbalance is also one of the reasons to cause melanin deficiency. Lack of protein intake is also responsible. If you do not consume all the essential nutrients and your body cannot maintain a balance, then melanin level will fall below.


Several reasons are responsible to cause stress and stress can turn your hair white. If you want to keep a check on immature greying of hair, then avoid stress. Find out the reasons causing the stress. Avoid hectic schedules and lower the intake of junk food and alcohol.


Hormones can affect your pigmentation directly and in case of any hormonal imbalance in your body, your hair will turn white early.

Grey Hair

Grey Hair


Medical conditions

Certain diseases and deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause melanin shortage. Thyroid and pituitary glands can trigger a loss in pigmentation in your hair.


Unknowingly, in our daily lives we use many chemicals. We eat chemicals as preservatives in packed food items. You use shampoo, hair color and soaps. Chemicals present in these items may cause allergic infections in some cases.

Can you reverse the process of hair are grey?

Many people ask that question that whether they can reverse the premature grey hair at young age.If your genetics are responsible for white hair, then you cannot do much to reverse the process.

If there is a health problem, then you can consult your physician and what can be done in this situation. If your problem is treated properly, then it will be stored in the pigments and the color of your hair will turn black. Your physician cannot guarantee the results, but many times, it is possible when your body makes a balance.

Re-pigmentation can help you and another way is to take pills of vitamin B12. You can eat Indian gooseberry and use its dried powder for washing your hair. It can also be mixed with coconut oil to massage your hair.

You can also use curry leaves for black hair. Take a handful of curry leaves and put it in 3 tablespoon coconut oil. Boil it and strain the oil, massage it into your scalp.

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