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The 5 most addictive drugs cases treated in Discoveryhouses

We will start with a top 5 very interesting and that is that we are talking about the five most addictive drugs in the world, where we have had to deal with serious cases of detoxification with patients who had spent years consuming one or more substances. Remember that if you need professional help to treat severe cases of addiction, the only thing you have to do is get in contact with the staff of admission of our rehabilitation center and immediately respond to all your questions and quizzes.

Our top 5 begins with the following:

  1. Heroin: According to studies it is said that this drug has earned the award number one to overcome all the others, thus it is that among the most addictive drugs in the world we have to heroin. This drug acts on the nervous system brain uncontrollably, results in increased the neurotransmitter dopamine raising to a 200%. The heroin overdose may cause death with a probability of dying five times greater than any other drug.
  2. Alcohol: this is a legal drug, but it is just as lethal as the heroin this drug gets a 2.3 out of a maximum of 3 degrees of addiction, alcohol causes the increase of dopamine in the brain increase from 40% to 360% according to the studies. One of every four people who try alcohol end up becoming addicted.
  3. Cocaine: this famous white powder also acts directly on the brain dopamine system, which prevents the neurons to operate properly and makes a kind of loop in the system. At the present time between 16 and 25 million people consume cocaine in the world. More than 22% of the people who try cocaine become addicted.
  4. Barbiturates/Tranquilizers: these substances interfere with brain chemistry, close the signals from certain regions of the brain. If they are used in low doses, cause euphoria and in high doses, these tranquilizers lead people to death, because they interfere in the central nervous system. It is said that the dependency to this drug has decreased.
  5. Nicotine: Tobacco is the fifth place, because what happens when someone smokes a cigarette is that nicotine is absorbed quickly through the lungs passing immediately by the blood which carries them to the brain. This substance raises the dopamine in the brain between 40 and 50%. In the United States More than 76% of the people who started smoking became dependent throughout his life.

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